Scare the Death


The moral of the story is – put your jam on your bread like you want to scare the death itself!


True Story?

This is a story that my father once told me happened to a guy he knows. I don’t know whether it’s true or false, but it’s funny nonetheless. 

So, this man had two dogs, Doberman breed. They were identical, highly trained and very, very smart.  He loved them so much and considered them a part of his family.

One day, the guy decided to go on Summer vacation with his family, so he asked his neighbour to feed the dogs and give them water.

“You don’t have to enter my yard, just push these to bowls through this little gap in the fence and keep an eye on them.”

The first couple of days everything was fine.

But then, the neighbour noticed that only one dog keeps coming to eat, another was nowhere in sight.

So he calls the owner and tells him that. Poor man, worried to the bones, cuts his vacation short and returns with his family home only to find a spectacular sight: a thief tried to break into the house and succeeded, but when he tried to get out, the dogs blocked his exit. They kept him at the stairs for 3 days and 3 nights, taking shifts to eat and rest and growling whenever the thief thought to make a move.

The owner let the thief go, thinking that he was already punished enough.

Hats off to these dogs, they are f***ing amazing!

Just.. don’t!

Do you know how you think about everything in the shower. Like, ponder the meaning of life, boundaries of universe, etc?

Well, I just finished a book about two Jewish families in WWII and was thinking about the countries and BAM – a joke:

Me: “Excuse me, is there a book about Switzerland activity in WWII?”

Librarian: “Honey, try the fairy tale section, second bookcase.”

Never. Doing. That. Again.

Off to facepalm myself and then to sleep.

Update: Got a mail from Cracked about the newest articles, since I am subscribed to them. And there goes my sleep… 

My name is not Mr Mittens

I always thought that, if cats could speak, it would be in that Spanish accent. It has nothing to do with “Puss in Boots”. Even before that I believed Spanish accent is perfect for cats.

Think about it.

You have a cat and one day you prepare the food for it and it says: “Gracias for the food, señorita. And my name is not Mittens.”

“Then what should I call you?”


It. Would. Be. Awesome.

Rejoice, Fellow Readers!


In other news, nothing interesting happened. There is still no sign of an apocalypse, snowy days are boring… The same, the same…

Oh! My roommate is sick. I was stuck with the duty of taking care of him. Today was the second day I was cooking for him, making tea, making him drink water, giving him my blankets (I froze last night!) and keeping him company.

And all because I can’t resist puppy eyes. Damn that guy!

It looks like it’s some kind of virus, so I think that I’ll get sick, too. But not without a fight! I’ve been swallowing vitamins and drinking tea like I have some incurable disease. All because I can’t stand the thought of my roommate taking care of me. There is more than meets the eye, yes.

I am actually mad at him because last time I was sick, he went home. And I was seriously sick. Couldn’t get up from my bed for 3 days. I had to drag myself to the kitchen for water.

Excuse my rant, loves! I just wanted to say that I edited my about page. Feel free to skip this excuse of a post.

Different Perspective

Everything can be seen from different perspectives. Check this out:

There is a TV series called “The Borgias”.

If I watched it when I was a little girl: ” Aaaaah! Too much nudity!”

if I watched them after reading “Count of Monte Cristo”: “Ahhhh! Too much nudity! Wait, didn’t they poison each other? They are sooo stupid!”

After playing AC: Brotherhood: “I killed this one. This one, too. Ooooh! Cezare is almost the same!”


I don’t think I would watch this series if there wasn’t Assassin’s Creed.