True Story?

This is a story that my father once told me happened to a guy he knows. I don’t know whether it’s true or false, but it’s funny nonetheless. 

So, this man had two dogs, Doberman breed. They were identical, highly trained and very, very smart.  He loved them so much and considered them a part of his family.

One day, the guy decided to go on Summer vacation with his family, so he asked his neighbour to feed the dogs and give them water.

“You don’t have to enter my yard, just push these to bowls through this little gap in the fence and keep an eye on them.”

The first couple of days everything was fine.

But then, the neighbour noticed that only one dog keeps coming to eat, another was nowhere in sight.

So he calls the owner and tells him that. Poor man, worried to the bones, cuts his vacation short and returns with his family home only to find a spectacular sight: a thief tried to break into the house and succeeded, but when he tried to get out, the dogs blocked his exit. They kept him at the stairs for 3 days and 3 nights, taking shifts to eat and rest and growling whenever the thief thought to make a move.

The owner let the thief go, thinking that he was already punished enough.

Hats off to these dogs, they are f***ing amazing!


My last 60 minutes

“Who are you?”

“My name is not important. I came here for you.”

“But, how do you know me?”

“I know everyone. Now, will you come with me?”

“No! You don’t understand! I can’t come with you. I need to do so many things.”

“But you have to come with me. It is not up to you.”

“Will I ever come back?”

“No. Now come. It is time.”

“Who do you think you are? You can’t just come here and take me with you. I am not going.”

“You need to understand that it is not up to you nor me.”

“Can I at least say goodbye to people I care?”

“No. That’s how it must be.”

“Why are you doing that to me? You are such an evil person!”

“I am not a person.”

“Than what’s your name?”

“Death. Now, come with me.Your sixty minutes with me are over. We must go.”

“I hate you.”

“Get into the line.”

“You do know you are committing murder, right?”

“This is not murder. You are already dead. Sixty minutes are over.”

“You could have told me that.”

“Yes, I could have. But, where is fun to that?”

Just a little story

The room was very dark, almost as if the night has fallen outside. But I knew it was morning. There was something funny about the room. It consisted of only one double bed and a huge cabinet that covered two walls in the room. On the opposite side of the cabinet, were one door that led to the hall of the house, and a window on the other wall with thick curtains that didn’t let the sun in.

I was sitting in my room, packing my stuff into the bag. I sighed and stopped for a moment. Everything was still, except muted rhythmic noise that came from bellow the ground. I went outside to the courtyard and spread the map of Northern America on the wooden table that was in the center of the yard. I was studying the map when I heard someone coming. My boyfriend was standing by my side, also studying the map with worried expression on his face.

“The noise is louder. It’s not good. We need to get out of here.” I rose my head and looked him into the face, frightened: “I know. But there is only room for the two of us. Others will be left to fight for their own life.” His voice was emotionless, which confused me. “Then you need to be ready soon.” He walked away.

I went back to my room and continued packing. Now, what do I need? Hmm, the bag is small, I can’t carry much. Decide wisely, girl, or you will die. Okay, for now, I need a couple of underwear and my computer. Should I carry cables for it? Not that there will be much electricity after everything crashes down. That settled it – no cables. I picked up the bag and went outside again and looked at our transportation.

It was a helicopter, or rather, it had a skeleton that looked like it and had a propeller like it. There was a computer with which this transportation could be handled. I knew that I was the only one who can drive that thing. Impatiently, I waited for my boyfriend to come out. We need to move fast! I tried to start the machine, but the computer was locked and only my boyfriend had the password to unlock it. I sighed again and found myself standing next to the transportation. He walked from the house packed and put the bag on the table outside.

Then I saw an older man coming toward us. He was short and bold. And skinny too. I ignored him, but my boyfriend sat with him to drink. What?! “We should get moving.” He looked at me and said cheerfully: “Come on, not that we need to hurry now. Everything is under control, don’t worry.”

Rolling my eyes I decided to go for a walk. Men, I thought. He would rather die, than pass a drink. I walked down the road to the first store that was open and turned back. I hope he finished that drink. I was frightened the whole time. I don’t want to die. When I came back they were still sitting and drinking. “That was enough”, I said, “we need to get going.”

My boyfriend sighed and rose from the table. But then my phone started ringing. Shaking, I started rummaging through my bag to find my cell phone, but I couldn’t. The phone kept ringing, and ringing…

I found myself in my bed. Cellphone was on my table in my apartment, ringing.

“Hello?” “Hey sweetie, it’s me. Did I wake you up?” “Yes, sadly. Listen, honey, you wouldn’t believe what dream I had last night……