Does it make your brain hurt? DOES IT?

Oh, and also…

This… this jewel in the sea known as internet… Happy Valentines Day!


Looking forward to Valentines day!

So… Valentines…

It will be the first one in 5 years that I’ll spend single, but my greatest worry is that I still haven’t updated my “about” page.

Good thing is my ex doesn’t read my blog. Although I check his regularly.

Anywhoooo… The topic will be Valentines cards and pick up lines that don’t work at all OR are socially awkward.

Valentines cards lines you can use:

– I would give you my last piece of pizza

– I would let you overwrite my save game

– I would never lose a key to your heart… (do not confuse heart with house)

– Will you be my Valentine? Me neither.

– There is no key to my heart, there is a password. Which is hidden like a coded message in 50 Shades of Grey book I give to you

Pick up lines:

– *coughs seductively*

– may I buy you a pizza?

– *makes eye contact* Girl, you are hot like Anakin Skywalker after duel with Obi Wan

– Is it hot in here or can I turn off the AC?

– *awkward silence*

I had fun making these… Wish I can say that for my creativity.