Rejoice, Fellow Readers!


In other news, nothing interesting happened. There is still no sign of an apocalypse, snowy days are boring… The same, the same…

Oh! My roommate is sick. I was stuck with the duty of taking care of him. Today was the second day I was cooking for him, making tea, making him drink water, giving him my blankets (I froze last night!) and keeping him company.

And all because I can’t resist puppy eyes. Damn that guy!

It looks like it’s some kind of virus, so I think that I’ll get sick, too. But not without a fight! I’ve been swallowing vitamins and drinking tea like I have some incurable disease. All because I can’t stand the thought of my roommate taking care of me. There is more than meets the eye, yes.

I am actually mad at him because last time I was sick, he went home. And I was seriously sick. Couldn’t get up from my bed for 3 days. I had to drag myself to the kitchen for water.

Excuse my rant, loves! I just wanted to say that I edited my about page. Feel free to skip this excuse of a post.


I am, you are, we are… Sherlock Holmes!

It is amazing how anyone becomes Sherlock Holmes when they watch their favourite TV show/movie again.

– Oh, come on! Look at the writings! He’s totally the killer!

– For God’s sake, even an idiot could figure that he faked his death! One and one are two!

– Are you that stupid?

– I can’t believe he’s the main character!

– Of course he’s gonna use that! I would, too!

– Well, you deserve to die, dumbass!

– Morons! Get off the boat! Get. Off. The. Boat.

– Pfft! I could do the job ten times better! Idiots…

Even though the first time you were even more of a retard than they were.

The End Of the World… and I still rant!

My favourite movies are usually about the end of the world.

Well, not exactly favourite, but I do like to watch them.

The movie “Knowing” (starring Nicolas Cage), also made me dream about the end of the world “brought to you by the bringer of life – Sun”.

It also made me realize how shitty that movie was. It was like internet actually made it. Seriously.

Here are all the stages of the movie (how I think the development went):

Note: there will be spoilers, but fuck it! No one will watch that movie.

1. The “Final Destination” chapter – Nicolas Cage cracks the code which says the exact locations where a disaster will occur, date, and number of victims who will die. They all die in “Final Destination” style, but Cage can’t stop it.

2. The “I’m not saying it’s aliens, but… Aliens” chapter – Seriously. Right from the beginning I realized the blond , mute people were aliens. Interestingly enough, they looked like how Nazis described “superior race”. Blonde, blue eyes, tall, etc. And they were superior compared to humans. Were they the Nazis? I bet they were the Nazis.


4. The “Spore” chapter – the ecosystem of the planet known as Earth is in danger. We must transfer couple of species on another T3 type planet as soon as we can. *the job is done* “THANK YOU! YOU HAVE SAVED ANOTHER SPECIES AND ENSURED THAT OUR ALLIANCE TREATY ISN’T BROKEN.”

As a pedestrian…

As a pedestrian, I always hate drivers. As driver, I always hate pedestrians. But, no matter what type of transportation I use, I will always hate cyclists.

Now, I am not a driver. Hell, I never even started a car in my life. And I’m fine with that. Seriously. As long as there are pretty boys who drive the car, I will always find a way.

But, alas, the winter brings out the worst in us. Being limited to walking and public transportation, I release my hatred for cold weather, humid air, grey sky and wet pavement towards drivers… And other pedestrians.

Now, I like public transportation. The tramways are steampunk here in Belgrade (courtesy of Switzerland, as it says on them), and I often wonder why the hell there isn’t any bar in the middle of those things.  It’s not that I don’t like using them, but when I have to choose between walking couple of stops, or wait 10 minutes in cold weather for transportation to arrive, I always choose the former.

Until I remember where I live.

YES, IN FUCKING SERBIA! Where you are always wrong, and your voice doesn’t matter.

You have to beware of pedestrians AND drivers here. (cyclists don’t exist here. Belgrade is basicallly more up and down then any other direction. Being on hills and everything)

So, I had been planing to go to the grocery store that is couple of stops away. No biggie, I’ll walk. And I always regret it. ALWAYS!

There is a very lousy intersection which I have to cross so I can go to the store. As much as I would like to skip it, it is not possible due to the lack of pavement on my side. This is what you get:

– go to the intersection

– wait for couple of minutes for traffic light to turn green

– watch for lunatics that drive through red

– pray to God that there won’t be any when you cross the street

– cross the street running

– wait 2 minutes to turn green again

– wait for cars that want to make a turn to let you pass

– wait because it’s FUCKING RED LIGHT AGAIN

– start crossing the street

– shoot a dirty look to cars that want to make a turn because you stop them

– cross the street

Now, this happens only if you’re lucky and there are no parked cars and pedestrians. If there are:

– there will always be a parked car at pedestrian crossing

– other pedestrians that do not cross the street will block your way while chatting

– those who want to cross the street will space out when the light turns green

– there will always be that dick who will make you stand in a puddle

– if not, there will always be a completely oblivious citizen who will make you stand in front of a puddle which the drivers oh so much love, and will refuse to move for you to pass.

Pedestrian nightmare, I will dream of you tonight.


…and my family wonders why I hate people…

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Dear roommate,

Do you remember that one time when you told me not to trust cooking recipes from internet because they contain false information?

You do?


In your face!



These are home made chocolate chip cookies that taste divine! (my roommate  likes them very much)

I took the recipe from here and I encourage everyone to try it!

They may not look much, but the taste… Sweet TARDIS of merciful thunder gods… The taste is, like, straight from a fairy tale. 🙂

Bye, off to nom nom nom!

P. S: this is the second day that I post two posts a day. 😀 Expect the End of the World soon. 😀


Knock knock!

Knock knock!

Hehe, get the joke? 🙂

Now, a quick poll:

Feel free to add your favourite villain. 🙂 I put only couple of them, since I made this in a rush. 🙂

Go and vote! Cheers!

I am the weather, weather is me

Somewhere between my education in school and country education (I used to spend my Summer breaks in the country, taking care of cattle and spending time with nature – interesting, though a little boring for an adolescent) I developed an uncanny ability to predict weather.

It is not what you think. I am no weatherman (weatherwoman, whatever), although they are more wrong than right. It’s more like looking at the sky and then murmur something like “oh, shit, it’s going to rain in the next hour or so” based on the movement of clouds or many other things I learned.

It started with simple things – I knew that birds fly low when it’s going to rain, because of flies which can feel the change in the air pressure. Well, that was not always true, but it was enough to plan the afternoon. Then, my deceased grandfather (may his soul rest in peace) taught me that frogs tend to change their behaviour right before the rain, which was more easier than watching birds, as I didn’t have to watch the frogs for ten minutes or more.

However, living in the city was making difficult to predict rain, since there have been no birds, or frogs.

So I started paying attention to the wind.

if the wind was coming from the East, it meant heavy rain, because of the mountains that surrounded my hometown.

Now, living in the capital I realized that I developed this ability to that measure that I knew when I was supposed to start walking back home in order to not get caught in the rain. A simple gust of wind was enough for me to determine if it is a calm before the storm, or just a pleasant breeze.

Also, I found out that, between the cold wave and nice weather, there is always a one to three days of “wind wave” when the air pressure changes on a large scale.

Needless to say that my friends were always amazed by this and often heeded my advice to go home, or take an umbrella with them.

This is actually an ability that I am very proud of. Maybe it looks like it’s nothing new, but, remember that, when you’re sitting in the rain, wet like a dog because you forgot your umbrella, I am sitting at home and laughing at you. 

Again One Piece (I can do this all year!)


I figured it would be okay for yet another post to be One Piece themed. I always loved manga and anime. Hmmm… It’s been that way since I was in 1st grade. I remember coming home from school and watching tv and it was always anime. Dragon Ball was the first, then, Pokemon, Digimon, etc.

My brother introduced me to One Piece. He told me about an awesome cartoon (he didn’t know the difference between anime and cartoon when he was a kid) about pirates with “magical” abilities. At that moment the story was just at the beginning of Drum Island arc (one of the most heartbreaking arcs, btw) and I fell in love with One Piece, the blue nosed reindeer and Luffy’s stupidity.

Then I had to stop watching it since I didn’t have internet and the episodes weren’t aired on tv anymore, but somehow, it stayed in the back of my mind.

Year ago I became determined to catch up with the story and I haven’t regretted it since.

Okay, now to the main event of this post!

I just wanted you to know what I do whenever someone asks me if One Piece is worth watching/reading – I show them this pic:


…and say “This is one Piece in a nutshell!”

Wow, for someone who wanted to make a short post, I rant too much…


– The Walking Dead 3rd season premiere. Carl, you son of a *****, stay in the house.

– I miss Doctor Who from times when it was a good show (1-5th season).

I’d pay to see this.

– One Piece is a good anime and I finished it. This one made me more sensitive to movies and stuff. Now I can cry whenever I want.

– I got good at poker. And, I bought a poker set. 😀

– My boyfriend bought a guitar belt that says “at least I’m not a drummer.” I reminded him of an article about a wedding where bride took off with a drummer.

– Han shot first?

– I am going to watch Empire Strikes back tonight.

– Grand Admiral Moff Tarkin is way cooler than Darth Vader.

– Luke Skywalker is a whiny b****.

– You should read The Walking Dead comic.

Only because of this panel. 🙂