Just.. don’t!

Do you know how you think about everything in the shower. Like, ponder the meaning of life, boundaries of universe, etc?

Well, I just finished a book about two Jewish families in WWII and was thinking about the countries and BAM – a joke:

Me: “Excuse me, is there a book about Switzerland activity in WWII?”

Librarian: “Honey, try the fairy tale section, second bookcase.”

Never. Doing. That. Again.

Off to facepalm myself and then to sleep.

Update: Got a mail from Cracked about the newest articles, since I am subscribed to them. And there goes my sleep… 


Different Perspective

Everything can be seen from different perspectives. Check this out:

There is a TV series called “The Borgias”.

If I watched it when I was a little girl: ” Aaaaah! Too much nudity!”

if I watched them after reading “Count of Monte Cristo”: “Ahhhh! Too much nudity! Wait, didn’t they poison each other? They are sooo stupid!”

After playing AC: Brotherhood: “I killed this one. This one, too. Ooooh! Cezare is almost the same!”


I don’t think I would watch this series if there wasn’t Assassin’s Creed.

What I learnt, what she learnt

What my cat learnt from me:

– Panic when you are alone and always check who is at the door (even when it is not for you).

What I learned from my cat:

– ALWAYS watch people from the window. Stuff happens, you know.

Note: The habit I picked up from my cat, combined with my insomnia, about a month ago, made me see fire starting in one of the neighbour buildings at 3 am. I called the fire department and I (that’s what I hope) helped save some lives. 

Thank you, derpy cat.

Wait… What?

Me: “Oooooh! How it’s made! Electric violins! As a former violinist, I am curious.”

Discovery*Blah blah blah* “…and the sound of the violins was overpowered by horns and trumpets…”

Me: “What?”

Discovery: “…and by amplifying the sound, violins are no longer just a background instruments.”

Me: “WHAT? Listen here, you *beep* *beep*! If I ever catch that prick who…”

My roommate: “Arguing with TV again?”


My roommate: “…”

Me: “WHAT?!”

My roommate: “Do you know why a bass has 4 strings?”

Me: “Huh? How is that… Nevermind… Why?”

My roommate: “3 are there in casethe main one snaps! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” *casually moonwalks away*

(he didn’t moonwalk)


Faith in humanity


I am still touched and can barely find words for something that happened to me yesterday. Don’t worry, it was a good thing.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go with my boyfriend to the mall and buy some things that I need (extra fan for my notebook, extra keyboard, etc).  We were walking through the building and I said that I was thirsty. He was also, but we were so excited about buying new things that we didn’t pay that much attention to it.

Nevertheless, we finished our shopping spree and were deciding where to go. Since it was kind of late, we took the tram home (sometimes I wonder if I use proper words. People who read my blog, please, warn me. We are here to learn. Thank you).

It was really hot outside, temperature being around 32 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit). That was when it hit us; out on a hot sunny day, no shops nearby, thirsty like never before. We were getting grumpy and tired – we just wanted to go home. Our ride soon arrived and we jumped in, only to find out after two stops that there was a traffic jam.

So, we were sitting in tram that was stuck, across a girl and a boy. My boyfriend started joking and I started replying with jokes also. The pair across was smiling from time to time, but they were’t talking. At one moment I made a sad face, realizing that we won’t move for an hour maybe and said: “I knew I should’ve bought a bottle of water. It’s so hot I think I may collapse in near future.”

And the girl sitting across gave me her bottle of water that wasn’t open: “Take it. You need it more than I.”

I was stunned. That is something that you never see. Actually, you see it happen, but to other people. I didn’t know what to say, and I tried to refuse, but she didn’t want to hear any of it. I only said thanks and continued waiting.

5 minutes later the doors opened to let us go and find another way of going home.

Those things never happen to me.

I have to admit, it feels nice when it happens to you. It’s like you realize there are good people outside, and you can count on them. On hot days they give you water. On rainy days people share umbrellas with strangers. Some give a drink to people on street. Feed the animals, adopt them, care for them.

We take these things for granted until it happens to us. Then we see how big their impact is.

Thank you, kind stranger, I won’t forget this small act of kindness. 

Respect the signs

“You know that my sister went to the country for Summer. Well, it turns out she wasn’t so lucky. She and my mother were taking a walk to the waterfalls outside the village. It was taking too long and they were soon tired. They saw a church (or monastery) and decided to go there to rest their legs. In the yard, they see this bench under a beautiful tree, that was decaying because of old age, but still was alive enough to provide shade. On the tree was posted a sign saying ‘Please, do not smoke. Thank you.’ 

They turned around. There was no one there. Seriously. You could barely see the chapel, the yard was really big. Why would a sign like that stand in the middle of nowhere? ‘They are probably sick of cleaning that up, or they are afraid that the fire will start’, said my mother, ‘but we will be careful.’ So, they both lighted up the cigarettes. A decision they would soon have regretted. 

The fucking tree was a home to a big, bad, hornet nest! And the smoke irritates them.

As soon as they lit up their cigarettes, the hornets flew out of the tree and started an all forces air assault on both of them. Did they have time to run away? Barely. 

Luckily, no one was hurt. Well, my sister got stung by a hornet, but it wasn’t dangerous. Since then, they respect the signs. So do I.”

– My boyfriend on the “Respect the signs” discussion we had

Hehe, this monologue will never grow old on me.

Family traits

We can get insulted. My father and me. It runs in our family.

Anyway, this happened today:

– my mother starts making dinner

– my father bursts into kitchen and doesn’t close the door. He gets scolded by my mother.

– he acts like he was hurt and starts messing up dinner

– my mother throws my father out of the kitchen.

– he yells from the hall how insulted he is and goes to their room (slams the door).

– the phone rings. I call my father to answer because it’s most likely for him or mother, and he just yells: “I’m insulted!”

– then I got insulted.

oh. Wait. This sounded much finnier in my head. Ah, well. DKDC (Don’t know, don’t care).

It’s the end of the world as I know it…

My father opened a blog today. My reaction to this statement: 

And now to better news:

My old blog, the first one, is alive again. Sadly, it is in Serbian, which means you maybe can’t read it. I love that blog so much…

It was my first blog (I know I said that already) and I wrote on it together with my boyfriend. It was going so well, until I realized that I was the only one writing. Hell no! Boy, write your own blog from now on.

Just kidding! I didn’t do that. I just wanted to write in English. Now I regret for ever abandoning that blog. It was the best thing that ever happened to me on internet. Interesting is that it was on blogger.

Chronologically speaking, my first blog was this one, but it hasn’t been active for months.

Another good news is I’m finally going to visit my boyfriend! I have a bus in 3:55 AM and I can’t wait. So, my next post will be from Belgrade. Bye!