Scare the Death


The moral of the story is – put your jam on your bread like you want to scare the death itself!


Your favorite webcomics

In last post I was talking about my favorite webcomics and then I realized something – I’m not the only one who reads them. So, I asked my friends on Twitter about theirs favorites and I got 3 new webcomics! Yay!

I will present them in order that I got them. Again, if you have some funny webcomics, feel free to leave a comment or tweet.

Just a note: I will not leave Twitter username here.

1. This one is from my friend Zlatko who happened to be on Twitter when I was talking about comics. He immediately sent me the link to a webcomic very similar to the Romantically Apocalyptic and I was Impressed. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic city and follows members of the red army in their never-ending battle with blue and yellow army. Definitely worth checking out.

See it here:

They look tough, don't they






























2.Next, I got from Mr Z!. Oh, I’m using this name because he represents himself like that. Interesting really. The name of the webcomic is CTRL+ALT+DELETE. It’s about two guys that play video games. I like this type of the webcomic. They’re funny, and interesting. Sadly, I hadn’t much time to check it entirely, but, from what I’ve seen, it is worth of looking.

Here is the link

3. The next one is from my friend Uros, who was exited with my action with webcomics and sent me his favorite – webcomic about Sheldon.

Sheldon is a kid who made a fortune for one Summer doing one thing he knows – programming. I liked it and I was very surprised…

Link to Sheldon comics:

Sheldon has a talking duck. Pretty good, uh?

Well, that’s all about comics for now. Maybe in a week or so, I’ll write about them again. Until then, enjoy reading them. Bye!