True Story?

This is a story that my father once told me happened to a guy he knows. I don’t know whether it’s true or false, but it’s funny nonetheless. 

So, this man had two dogs, Doberman breed. They were identical, highly trained and very, very smart.  He loved them so much and considered them a part of his family.

One day, the guy decided to go on Summer vacation with his family, so he asked his neighbour to feed the dogs and give them water.

“You don’t have to enter my yard, just push these to bowls through this little gap in the fence and keep an eye on them.”

The first couple of days everything was fine.

But then, the neighbour noticed that only one dog keeps coming to eat, another was nowhere in sight.

So he calls the owner and tells him that. Poor man, worried to the bones, cuts his vacation short and returns with his family home only to find a spectacular sight: a thief tried to break into the house and succeeded, but when he tried to get out, the dogs blocked his exit. They kept him at the stairs for 3 days and 3 nights, taking shifts to eat and rest and growling whenever the thief thought to make a move.

The owner let the thief go, thinking that he was already punished enough.

Hats off to these dogs, they are f***ing amazing!


What I learnt, what she learnt

What my cat learnt from me:

– Panic when you are alone and always check who is at the door (even when it is not for you).

What I learned from my cat:

– ALWAYS watch people from the window. Stuff happens, you know.

Note: The habit I picked up from my cat, combined with my insomnia, about a month ago, made me see fire starting in one of the neighbour buildings at 3 am. I called the fire department and I (that’s what I hope) helped save some lives. 

Thank you, derpy cat.

Call of Duty, paint ball, laser tag, skydiving, bungee

So, guys, do you ever think of doing something ridiculous?

That is how everything starts. One day you are 16 and you sit with your friends, talking about doing some crazy stuff (eating stolen ice cream on someones birthday laying in a pool completely drunk – actually never did it, but, damn, I was so close to that. ), and next thing you know, 5 years passed, I’m celebrating my 21st birthday next month and still just day dreaming about crazy stuff.

Well, that makes you think… What if the 2012 is really the Armageddon year and I spent my life doing nothing cool? Okay, 2012 is a lame excuse, but, hell, I am not going to do those things if I get a job or get married, or lava burns me into a perfect figure of agony, scream and death. So, I will dedicate the following year to my newest invention (okay, not mine, everyone has it) – the Crazy to-do list.

Crazy to-do list  looks like every other regular list, but, instead of picking up dry cleaning and buying groceries, you write all the crazy stuff you wanted to do before you settle the ship and drop the anchor. Oh, crap, that’s the bucket list. Never mind. I’m still calling it Crazy to-do list, because bucket list’s expiration date is your death, and this list has… For the record, in my mind it seemed perfect.

Anyway, I made a list of my own crazy stuff, and guess what? I need to set the date when the list has to be done and all the thing on it checked. Difficult, but it can be done. So (Oh, God, help me, I am so scared of all these stuff on this list!), the date has to be my 22nd birthday. Sometimes I’m so harsh on myself. You know what, jut think about it: I was always the geek in school, the voice of reason, the moral person of the group. I never got stopped by police. Nothing! That is why I need this list. I need to show myself that I am capable of doing this. It will help me settle when I start my career and all those dead stuff ( I am still so young, that’s why I refer to marriage as the death). Otherwise, that list will be one of the biggest “what if” in my life.

Okay, so, the first thing on my list is Call of Duty. II played just the first part, and I never had a chance to play sequels, because, I had a lame computer at home, and now, with this one, I can’t even play Sims2. What I know is that, this game is the best FPS I ever played and I just need to do it. End justifies the means. (What made me say that?)

It has compass so I cant get lost.

Next thing I definitely need to do is playing paint ball and laser tag. Those thins are so fun and they kind of look like a real time FPS. No, those are 3D FPS games! How cool is that? The problem is, while I know where to go and play paint ball, there is no laser tag in my country and I can do that only (!) abroad. Swaziland, here I come! (Just joking, I want to go to Finland, or England, Germany looks nice and of course – France)

PaintSWAT team.. Not a bad name, actually

Skydiving and bungee – Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh-did I mentioned I have acrophobia? That is irrational fear of height. Oh god, oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god,oh god…

Just dont look down, just... Oh god, Im looking!!!

Running a marathon. Tomorrow is the famous Belgrade marathon. I’m not ready for it this year, but next year… I think I won’t be ready even for that one, but at least I have to try. There is always a half marathon… It’s 21 kilometers (13 miles for Americans). I never did sports. I am not very good at it. I can’t hold a basket ball, I can’t play tennis, I don’t skate… This one will be the biggest challenge (except for, oh god, oh god, skydiving and bungee).

Go on without me... (said in dying voice)

Have a hedgehog or a squirrel for a pet – there is one hedgehog that just keeps coming to my house. Poor thing just keeps attacking my dogs. Seriously, those dogs never saw a hedgehog in their lives, so they think it’s some sort of a bloodthirsty animal that is threating to the world and needs to be destroyed. I think they are cute and the best thing is that they make that funny noise when they feel threatened. You know, like someone blowing air through his nose. Sweet. Squirrels… Well, they are just cute, and full of energy, and cute, and they forget stuff, and cute… You get the picture. Oh, while I’m here, I can check on my list that I got hit by a hedgehog that my dog threw on me. It can be scary, you know?

Dont think its cute? Youre a monster!

Have a copy of the “Roman law” in my house. Seriously, you have to be f-ing insane to by it just like that.

Huge and boring book. Whoever has it and doesnt study law, is the Supermen

Make a Twitter account for my parents. Nah, never gonna do that…

Know what? We don’t know what the next year will bring us (I vote for Yellowstone), but, readers, we never know what we can or can’t do, if we don’t try it. That’s the point of life.Take a risk, once in a while, better when you are younger. Men, save a damsel in distress. Women, kill that white horse of that prince charming and put its head into the kings bed. Anything, just start living the life how you were supposed. Sure, we can all watch the TV, but, one day, when you have grandchildren, what stories will you tell them? Will that story be “when I was your age, I spent all my time in front of the computer and TV”, or will it be “Once, while I was skydiving, a ninja appeared out of nowhere…?”

Your call.

I’d like you to meet…

After the New year’s eve, I didn’t have much time for this blog. That was a shame. I just didn’t have any good stories for sharing with you. Well, until half an hour ago. We were sitting, watching some really bad movie on tv, when my cat started to play.

We found her this Summer wandering the streets. She was starving. I felt so sorry for her that I kept her against the wishes of my mother. Shes complaining even now because of my cat, but I don’t care. Cat is utterly cute.

So, say hello to this little sweety. Here is one video where we are playing. The other cats are the lazy ones that my mom loves.

Just watching TV and chillin’…

Ha! You thought I won’t post today! Gotcha!

Well, I still haven’t replaced my malfunctioning keyboard so this post is going to be a quickie.

This is…err, was my cat. No it’s  not dead, it just ran away. I still see it sometimes at my neighbor’s place. Believe it or not, this cat is eleven years old. It came to this world in 1999 and just won’t die.

I took this picture of it watching tv. Well, it’s not really watching, it just woke up that moment, but it  looks like it’s watching. Anyway, have fun with this picture.