Change of Heart Part 2 (The Entrance Exam)

That morning I woke up early. It was necessary to drink coffee and eat something in order to think properly. Yes, it was the D-day of my life. The day I will someday in the future tell to my grandchildren. Anyway I didn’t want any of that; it just wasn’t part of my daily routine (the eating part). At 8 o’clock in the morning I was at the building holding my ID card and waiting to get inside. 

When we entered the classroom and I saw papers at my seat, I realized that we won’t be able to go out until the exam was over. By my rough estimations, that could be for three or four hours. I thanked God for not drinking anything and seated myself. At half past eight, the exam began.

The exam had 5 parts. 

1) They tested our knowledge of grammar

2) Testing our understanding of texts in English by reading and then answering the questions, which was entirely pointless, because, instead of taking our texts away, they let us have them all the time. It was like giving the test and the answer sheets at the same time.

3) Listening comprehension – the same as reading, but we now listen to text and have the questions with us. 

4) Write an essay about 200 words long – really, almost every post on this blog has minimum of 400 words. How can I even do this? It’s hard. (I love sarcasm)

These 4 parts, although they were easy, took very long, so it was about 11 o’clock or something like that. When we were finished, we thought it was time for a short break, because the fourth part was a test o Serbian grammar. But the universe proved us wrong, again. The moment we finished the English part, the commission of English part went outside and we greeted the Serbian one. Great. The test was supposed to be an hour long, but everyone finished it for 20 minutes, and they wouldn’t let us go! We had to wait for 40 minutes! Hungry, thirsty and tired, I thanked God for my endurance from time when I was musician. 

I felt sorry for those kids. They weren’t prepared for that and their concentration was slipping by the end of the English test. They were also afraid, although they knew there was nothing to be afraid of. It is in our nature, to fear of unknown. 

In the end, I think we all celebrated when we got out of the classroom. I was happy and focused on another exam that was taking place tomorrow…


Is cheating good?

Did you ever cheat on your exams? I never did. Hell, when I was a kid, I was a nerd. Really. I was wearing ugly clothes, but didn’t have those nerdy glasses. I didn’t go out, didn’t have many friends and didn’t have boyfriend until I was 17.

And this nerdy kid than went through a serious change. I started going out, changed my way of dressing, hair style, even my friends. Maybe you think it is cruel to change friends, but believe me, it was for the best.

Anyway, I am a very intelligent person. I never had to learn much and always had good grades. That was a good thing, because I didn’t have to cheat because of that.

But it put me always in another different position. Other students often asked me to help them during the tests or exams, or, how I call it, cheat. It is okay for me to help them before the tests, learn with them and other stuff, but I don’t want to put my grade or my friendship in danger. I always had to choose between two of them, because people just don’t understand.

If I help them, there is that danger that teacher will catch me and I will be forced to leave that test, but, if I don’t help them, they get mad at me and than they don’t talk to me. Well, it took me 4-5 years to learn not to care.

My question is: Is cheating in school okay? I mean, there are persons who really study and try to understand and learn stuff, and on the other side we have the cheaters who never learn anything and they have almost the same grade but no knowledge. Who is right? What if that cheater becomes a doctor? Or an engineer? Teacher or surgeon?

Please help me understand this.