Mystery trace

One hour ago, I was taking the walk. I really like to walk on this lovely weather: it’s Spring and everyone is happy. Anyway I take that time to clear my mind and sometimes to think about what to do.

And then, as I walk back to the apartment, I saw something interesting – an apple on the sidewalk. At that point it wasn’t that much interesting. Some poor kid lost it, or someone else. That happens.

It seems that apples really fall far from the tree

And so I continued my walk thinking about that poor kid who is now probably smiling because he lost that goddamned fruit. If it were a candy bar instead…

This would've happen

Good thing is, I am not here to judge human behavior.

You know that, if it was only an freaking apple, there wouldn’t be this story. And it wasn’t. Couple of meters after there was a jar of pickles, smashed and the pickles were all over the sidewalk. What the Hell? This is not a coincidence, right?

Pickles. When my boyfriend sees me eating them, he will panic.

Okay, so maybe that was a coincidence. A kid wouldn’t carry pickles with him. Then I started suspecting something, because I found the cover of the jar laying neatly placed on the building. Wow, what are the chances for that?

And that was not the end! After two steps I found a orange on the ground too!

I hate oranges, so I'm gonna put some strawberries to look at. Enjoy!

So, these 3 items made me think: What happened here? Was today someones unlucky day? Was it a fight? Was the bag cheap? And I came up with four scenarios.

1. All of these are coincidences. Some kid lost the orange, another person lost the apple, and the pickles drooped someone. Accidentally. From the building.

2. Someone tried to kill a pedestrian. The apple and orange were something like a target practice and the jar was the real weapon. Obviously, the assassination backfired. Oh my God, maybe someone tried to kill me, hours before I came by!

3. Robbery. An old lady, carrying a heavy bag asked some punk to help her, and instead he tried to rob her. She didn’t want to give him her bag, because, well, pickles were in there (they keep their money in pockets) and the bag just tore apart.

4. Most likely scenario: Someone was carrying a lot of stuff in an old and weak bag and, being heavy and stuff, a hole appeared on the bag. When apple fell, no one noticed that, but than the hole grew bigger and the pickles fell and jar broke. Of course, that person was angry, so he picked the cover, and realized he can’t pick up the mess, so he just placed the cover nicely on the building. During that event, also, the orange fell from the bag and rolled way, but, the person is so angry, that he doesn’t even notice that.

Anyway, what do you think? Was it the first? Or was it a lame assassination? Maybe, it was only Friday the 13th for someone on this planet? Or is the PiDay (3.14.2011) an very unlucky day if you aren’t a scientist? Hey, maybe it was a robbery in the middle of the day, on a place crawling with people?

If you think of another scenario, write it on your blog, or in comments. You can also post it on Twitter. I would be glad to hear your explanation.


5 Questions Friday

Hosted by My Little Life.


1. Do you know what your REAL hair color is?
A: Yes. It’s dark brown. I color my hair twice a year, so in the mean time I have my real color. I have that need to take care of it.

2. Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants?
A: Well, I am not really into organization. In fact, I don’t remember ever doing such a thing. I like when things are spontaneous, not planned. That’s why every Summer is adventure for me.

3. What is your favorite meal to cook?
A: Macaroni and cheese. Simple and yet delicious. Sometimes I like to prepare chicken and rice. More work, but also delicious. Sadly I am not that much of a cook (my meals are delicious only to me). Also I like to prepare fish.

4. Do you get offended by not receiving thank yous?
A: Don’t really care. E.g. I got your job done and I don’t receive a “thank you” – that means only that you are not polite enough or that you are a big douche bag. Whatever it is, you are not worth my attention anymore. Get lost.

5. How did you meet your best friend?
A: I was introduced by my best friend. That’s funny. You see, my best friend is, in fact, my boyfriend. Back then he was dating my former best friend (we argued about something, don’t really remember what, but we don’t talk to each other anymore). Anyway, when they broke up, I remained in contact with him and for six months we were just friends.
Our relationship only strengthened our friendship and today, he shares all my secrets and I share his. We talk about our fears, ask each other for advice and sometimes argue. But he is the first person I turn to when I’m in trouble.
I thank him for that.



Are you left handed? I know I am.

When I was about 2 years old, my father noticed that I prefer to take things using my left hand. Of course, for my parents, that wasn’t a big deal. There was a time, long ago, when being a left hander (I don’t know if that is how we are called) was something like a curse. Parents would beat their kids in order dor them to learn how to write with their right hands. Others would take them to psychiatries to attempt to solve this “disease” that their kid had. Horrible right? Well, that was a long time ago… Although there are still isolated cases I hard about.

What are you saying? There is no cure?

Well, that’s because we live in a society where being left handed is a rare thing. Only 11% of worlds population is left handed. So we can say that we live in the “right handed society” now. That has it’s pron and cons. There are things we fight on regular basis and sometimes it’s okay, but other times it’s so damn frustrating!

Maybe you didn’t notice it, but all the doors in the world are made for our right handed fellows. Try it. When you have to open the door with you left hand, it, suddenly gets a little harder.

Computer mouse is on the right side of our computers. Sure, you can adjust it for left handers, but I know that I don’t.

The notebooks! It is so difficult when you have to write on the right page in the beginning so I usually place something bellow the left side of it so I could write. Sometimes, I even miss those pages because I don’t want to bother with it.

I have a problem with opening a bottle, mostly because I have to open it with my right hand which is to weak for that. So I stay thirsty sometimes ((but that is my problem).

We could use one of these in my neighborhood. Seriously.

But, whatever the problems are, we adjusted to them. We aren’t even complaining because we are used to that. It’s a part of our everyday living. We must please to the majority of people, we can’t ask them to adjust to us – that would be too much work.

The good thing is that, being a left handed is not the only way we are special. There are thing that we are better at than others.

– We make a good company: left handers have better imagination, they are good when it comes to arts, music and emotional expressions. But, we lack logic and math skills. Shame…

– We don’t have problems writing Hebrew (they write from right to left, contrary to right hand).

– Left handed people don’t think linear. They often see bigger picture. Also, they are better at multitasking. Like women. And now imagine how I, a left handed woman, do multitasking. Yup, I am good at that.

– If you are left handed, there are better chances that you’ll write a book. It has to do with that “imagination” thing.

– August 13th. The International Left=Hander’s Day.

A brain… What? You knew I had to place this picture!

And now it’s time for a list of  left handers. I will name only some, but, if you want to know more about it, go here.

Napoléon Bonaparte

Fidel Castro

Lewis Caroll

Kurt Cobain

Jimy Handrix

And my favorites: Sergei Rachmaninoff and Maurice Ravel.

It’s funny that I started writing this post because I couldn’t open a bottle of water. Due to dehydration, I remembered one conversation with my boyfriend about being left handed. He’s ambidextrous.

If you want to know more amazing facts about left handed people, go here, and of course, fell free to tell me your view of left handed difficulties and advantages.

I’m with a famous

Today i got a call from my boyfriend telling me to check one magazine because a picture of him appeared in it. That is a success, right? It is a known computer magazine in our country (yeah, he’s kind of nerd) that goes public once a month.

It’s funny, actually. He appeared by accident there. He was on some seminar about computer animation or something (didn’t really pay attention) and they took a picture of him and published it (without his permission, but, what the hell, he got in the newspaper).

And after he sees it, and, believe me, someone told him about it, he calls me and tells that I am now dating a celebrity and I can wear that T-shirt whit word “I am with the famous” written on it.

Does the red carpet go with celebrity status?

Well, I just had to say something about that, and I thought of only one thing that would kill this joke: “Honey, you are already famous. Hell, you’ve been dating with celebrity for 3 years now, how doesn’t that make you famous?”

Oh, that was not the end. I wanted to stomp on his ego and crush it now, before it’s too late. So, I continued talking.

“And not to mention that you were famous in your school, because everyone knows that guy who helps other people understand the material for exam. Of course, everyone in our town knows you (we have about 15 000 citizen) and my friends know about you too. I also showed them pictures of you, so they can recognize you in the streets when you go for a walk.”

Now back to his “dating with a celebrity”

You see, I’m writing a blog. That is something very public and most people I don’t even know are reading it. most of them I don’t think I’ll ever meet in my life, so, doesn’t that make me famous? I mean, every blogger is famous, sort of. To be clear, I am not talking about celebrities that are f-ing famous all over the world – I’m talking about a group of people that spend time reading my blog and thinking about what I said. For me, that’s being celebrity.

Okay, joke is on me.  We are not celebrities. We don’t want to be famous. There is nothing really special in that. We are just an ordinary couple in which the girl writes a blog that other people read, and a guy sometimes appears in the newspaper. There is nothing special in that. My blog doesn’t hit much of the traffic, but it does make me happy. If only one person reads something you’ve written, that is a sign that someone in this world cares about what I’m saying.

Isn’t that enough?

5 Questions Friday 48/365

You know this, but let me tell it once again. Each Friday I answer 5 questions about me and they are provided by My Little Life. Here are they:


1. Can you drive a stick shift?
A: No.

2. What are two foods you just can’t eat?
A: Well, I can’t eat most of food. E.g. I don’t like cooked vegetables, but I can eat some of them raw. Sometimes I don’t eat pork meat, and I don’t know why. Anyway, what I really despise and think it’s gross are cooked entrails.
The second kind of food I can’t eat is sea food. I like fish, but I can’t eat that fancy and exotic stuff from sea.
3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
A: Sadly, no. There are no Girl Scout Cookies in my country. How do they look like? Are they home made?

4. How do you pamper yourself?
A: Hm… With lots of stuff, but what I really like is getting my hair done. I go to hairdresser every 2-3 months and I have many serums  and lotions for my hair. Years ago my hair was messed up. It was a lot of hard work to make it look nice and have that silky feeling. I am proud of my hair.

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
A: Well, I have couple of nicknames. My name, Jelena, is pretty often so I needed a nickname so I could know when they called me and not other 3 girls in my class who had the same name. When I was little, my nickname was Jeka – diminutive from Jelena.  In high school they called me Jecka which meant the same as Jeka. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about each one, but I can tell you some of them: Jole, Jeca, Jecka, Jeka, Joko, Coke…




Parents on internet – yes or no?

Wherever I join some conversation about internet, there is often one question that I hear: Should children use internet and social networks? But, that is not what I want to blog about today. In fact, I want to know answer for one opposite question – what happens when parents come in touch with internet?

So, at the start of the year, I made for each of my parents a Facebook account. At the beginning everything was okay, but soon the problems started. Personally, I don’t mind if they poke me on Facebook or chat sometimes with me, but I like to talk to them personally or with phone.

Well, then, how time passed, they wanted to know more about internet, and soon I couldn’t do anything because they where everywhere.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like my parents being on internet. I mean, often I talk with my friends on Facebook or some other social network about things that are not for my parents ears – how much did I drink last night, how was the party or some things that know my friends. It was the “What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook” policy. Thanks to my rookie mistake, I killed my time on internet. Good thing is that my parents don’t know a word on English so I still have my blog. My mother is learning English, by the way.

So, about the question of parents on internet, I have to say no. This is not about older or younger people on internet, it is about the relationship of a parent and child on internet. I experienced it first hand and it is not that pleasant. Of course there has to be some exception: kids should have some sort of protection by their parents on internet. You never know.

Anyway, am I the only one with problem like this? Are your parents on internet too, and do they contact you there? It is my curiosity that asks you this, not me.

5 Questions Friday 45/365

Well, you know how it goes… (these questions are brought to you by My Little Life

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?
A: Yes I have. It happens to me mostly when it concerns my clothing at home. I have that favorite T-shirt that I just love and wear it 2-3 days in a row.

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?
A: London. My English teacher once told us how London looks like. She said it is not expensive, you can buy many things there and, most important is that you can explore London for a week and you won’t see all the amazing sites that the city has. Westminster abbey and Hydes Park are on my “to-see” list.

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?
A: Haven’t really talk about it, but I guess flying. Maybe the trip won’t be boring for kids if they fly and watch all the stuff in the sky.

4. What is your idea of “spring cleaning”?
A: Well, I clean every week or so everything, but there is one time in spring when I take out all of my clothes and make a selection of what I’m going to wear. I also put all the blankets in some corner and forget about them until winter. Not to mention that at that day I open all the windows and they are like that for 24 hours. In winter I usually open them only for a couple of hours and that’s it.

5. What is the best book you have ever read?
A: “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. It was the only anti-drama I ever read and it is the only one that amazed me that much. All the other pieces I read have something that connects them, but this piece doesn’t have connection between two sentences, thus making it unique (for me).
P.S: I know it’s not really Friday, but I still haven’t gone to sleep and that is why this counts as Friday.

I am really getting into the writing

Writing this blog is one of the best ideas I ever came up with. It makes me happy and I found a new hobby that I started really to like – writing. I also started reading again, which I haven’t done in years. I am expanding my vocabulary of Serbian language, and soon, I’ll start reading also books on English. When I expand my English vocabulary, I’ll start writing short stories on that language too.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I decided to take part in a writing contest in my country. I think that is a huge step because, honestly, I never wrote anything. Except in high school, but that doesn’t count, doesn’t it?

I have to write a short story that has no more than 20 000 character (that is about 6 pages – 3000 characters per page). They weren’t specific about the genre and the topic, so I can use my imagination as much as I want. So, I have some pretty good ideas, but I won’t share them with you. You will know the story when the contest is finished and they declare a winner.

By the way, the prizes for first three places are very nice. I am not very into winning on this one, but, hey, I am an eternal optimist. So, if I win, first I’ll do is posting the story translated on English here, so all of you can read. Wait, I will do that anyway.

And I know what I will do with money if I win (a big “if”): I will use it for something good. Maybe for a new computer, or something like that. Honestly, I haven’t thought really about it. Should I think this way? Of course! I never get disappointed. Hello! I am a eternal optimist.

Well, wish me luck on this contest, and, just so you know, if I don’t write, that means I am writing something else. Be patient, and you will see.

Oh, how much fun I’ll have!

A problem with technology

Dear readers,

After a very interesting discussion I had with my friends today during our coffee break (time when we just stop hanging on internet or doing whatever we do and just drink coffee and talk), we found a problem. Since we couldn’t find the solution by ourselves, I decided to share it with you, in order to help me.

What is the best piece of technology for me?

Here is what we discussed:

I am a blogger and I like writing. I use internet for reading and browsing, sometimes for fun. YouTube, WordPress, Twitter and StumbleUpon are just couple of things I use. At this point anything is okay for me to use.

Point: I want to be able to blog from anywhere I imagine, e.g. to sit on a bench and turn on the device and blog. Also I’d want to take notes on that device quickly, even when someone else is talking. That it is so small, that I can almost carry it in my pocket.

What I have right now: It’s Asus EEE PC netbook. It is my best friend right now and I wouldn’t change it for anything on this world (talking still abut technology), but it is still pain in the ass when I have to carry it. It is small, has wireless device and a long lasting battery (about 5 hours).


Asus eee



What would be cool to have: So, is there any other device that acts like a computer, but is smaller and easier to carry along? My friends suggested iPhone, Blackberry or something like that, but I just don’t want another phone. I have nothing against them, it’s just that I use phones for one thing and computers for another.


I really don’t know if you can understand where I am going with this. The best solution we thought of was NetCat and it is still not the best one.


So, please, if you have some free time, help me with this problem. Whatever you suggest, write pros and cons. ANYTHING will be pretty much helpful.

Thank you.

Jelena (mawajowe)

My 10 ways to pass the time

So, I’ve been in a visit to my boyfriend in Belgrade for couple of days and we finally decided to play some co-op game.  After searching, we found the perfect one – LEGO Indiana Jones. The problem was, after calculating the time of downloading, we realized it’ll took 12 hours.

Lego Indiana Jones

1) At that moment we thought it’s okay, because we were preparing for sleep, but, during the night, while we were asleep, the damned computer restarted himself (because of some updates). And, when we got up, we found we had to wait 7 more hours for downloading the game.

2) After cursing and swearing, we tried to calm down and, while my boyfriend went to the shower, I made us some coffee. We drank it and started planning our next move.

3) The next move was simple: rearranging the furniture in his flat. It took us about an hour to do it. Well, all I did was cleaning the tables and watching my boyfriend and his roommate moving the furniture from one side of the room to another.

4) When they finished, we were kind of tired, so we played a couple of games on internet, like Epic coaster and others. That was funny and refreshing. I love breaks like that.

5) Since the game hasn’t been downloaded still, we were now bored to death. Playing games on internet is fun, but not for long. So we went to the kitchen to clean the mess up. In this flat lives my boyfriend, his sister, roommate and roommate’s sister and the flat has only 3 rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. Because of so many people living here, the kitchen was constantly a mess. Now, the whole flat was clean and pleasant again. Yay!

6) Now it’s time for a second coffee break. We made coffee and decided not to touch the internet so it would download quicker. We sat in silence, thinking how the coffee was so delicious after hard work.

7) Ah, the boredom… Now we really didn’t know what to do. I started reading a book, and then I remembered that I didn’t post today on blog. So i decided to share with you 7 ways to pass the time while the game is downloaded.

The point of this post was: whenever you find yourself bored to death, look around and you will always find something to do. This is how I fight the boredom, you can always experiment. Except the lazy people. You don’t have to do anything, just exist.