I am really getting into the writing

Writing this blog is one of the best ideas I ever came up with. It makes me happy and I found a new hobby that I started really to like – writing. I also started reading again, which I haven’t done in years. I am expanding my vocabulary of Serbian language, and soon, I’ll start reading also books on English. When I expand my English vocabulary, I’ll start writing short stories on that language too.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I decided to take part in a writing contest in my country. I think that is a huge step because, honestly, I never wrote anything. Except in high school, but that doesn’t count, doesn’t it?

I have to write a short story that has no more than 20 000 character (that is about 6 pages – 3000 characters per page). They weren’t specific about the genre and the topic, so I can use my imagination as much as I want. So, I have some pretty good ideas, but I won’t share them with you. You will know the story when the contest is finished and they declare a winner.

By the way, the prizes for first three places are very nice. I am not very into winning on this one, but, hey, I am an eternal optimist. So, if I win, first I’ll do is posting the story translated on English here, so all of you can read. Wait, I will do that anyway.

And I know what I will do with money if I win (a big “if”): I will use it for something good. Maybe for a new computer, or something like that. Honestly, I haven’t thought really about it. Should I think this way? Of course! I never get disappointed. Hello! I am a eternal optimist.

Well, wish me luck on this contest, and, just so you know, if I don’t write, that means I am writing something else. Be patient, and you will see.

Oh, how much fun I’ll have!


…but hate to arrive (pt. 2)

Before you read this, please read the first part called “I like to travel.”

We had lunch and after that we all went for a walk. I felt much better now on cold air. We went into stores, finding much stuff that was fun. Soon, it was time to go visit other cousins. I really enjoyed stories and that people were around me.

Long story short, we spent this day walking from house, to house, talking with my boyfriend’s relatives. They were very nice. But, when we were heading back, my head was pounding again and I felt sick because of driving. I barely managed to pull myself together, at least until we arrived home.

I don’t remember how I walked to the bed and laying down, but I remember my mother giving me glass of water and a pill telling me that all this is because I don’t eat. Now, I’m sitting in my living room, thinking about this day and feeling much better, but so tired, that I don’t know how I am writing this.

One thing I know. This was one of those days you don’t wish to miss, even if you’re sick.