I’m with a famous

Today i got a call from my boyfriend telling me to check one magazine because a picture of him appeared in it. That is a success, right? It is a known computer magazine in our country (yeah, he’s kind of nerd) that goes public once a month.

It’s funny, actually. He appeared by accident there. He was on some seminar about computer animation or something (didn’t really pay attention) and they took a picture of him and published it (without his permission, but, what the hell, he got in the newspaper).

And after he sees it, and, believe me, someone told him about it, he calls me and tells that I am now dating a celebrity and I can wear that T-shirt whit word “I am with the famous” written on it.

Does the red carpet go with celebrity status?

Well, I just had to say something about that, and I thought of only one thing that would kill this joke: “Honey, you are already famous. Hell, you’ve been dating with celebrity for 3 years now, how doesn’t that make you famous?”

Oh, that was not the end. I wanted to stomp on his ego and crush it now, before it’s too late. So, I continued talking.

“And not to mention that you were famous in your school, because everyone knows that guy who helps other people understand the material for exam. Of course, everyone in our town knows you (we have about 15 000 citizen) and my friends know about you too. I also showed them pictures of you, so they can recognize you in the streets when you go for a walk.”

Now back to his “dating with a celebrity”

You see, I’m writing a blog. That is something very public and most people I don’t even know are reading it. most of them I don’t think I’ll ever meet in my life, so, doesn’t that make me famous? I mean, every blogger is famous, sort of. To be clear, I am not talking about celebrities that are f-ing famous all over the world – I’m talking about a group of people that spend time reading my blog and thinking about what I said. For me, that’s being celebrity.

Okay, joke is on me.  We are not celebrities. We don’t want to be famous. There is nothing really special in that. We are just an ordinary couple in which the girl writes a blog that other people read, and a guy sometimes appears in the newspaper. There is nothing special in that. My blog doesn’t hit much of the traffic, but it does make me happy. If only one person reads something you’ve written, that is a sign that someone in this world cares about what I’m saying.

Isn’t that enough?