It’s the end of the world as I know it…

My father opened a blog today. My reaction to this statement: 

And now to better news:

My old blog, the first one, is alive again. Sadly, it is in Serbian, which means you maybe can’t read it. I love that blog so much…

It was my first blog (I know I said that already) and I wrote on it together with my boyfriend. It was going so well, until I realized that I was the only one writing. Hell no! Boy, write your own blog from now on.

Just kidding! I didn’t do that. I just wanted to write in English. Now I regret for ever abandoning that blog. It was the best thing that ever happened to me on internet. Interesting is that it was on blogger.

Chronologically speaking, my first blog was this one, but it hasn’t been active for months.

Another good news is I’m finally going to visit my boyfriend! I have a bus in 3:55 AM and I can’t wait. So, my next post will be from Belgrade. Bye!


Change of Heart Part 4

The only thing worse than having no choice is choosing between good and even better.

I got admitted. In both places. While I was expecting only to be accepted to one place, I got into both. I didn’t know what to do, since that wasn’t what I was prepared for. Good thing is, I had time. Not much, but I could think about choices.

Anyway, I had to find pros and cons of both places. I tried, but even then, I couldn’t come to a decision. Some of my friends said that I should go to Novi Sad, because it is a smaller town and not that expensive. Also, education is good there. But in Belgrade education is excellent and there are so many job opportunities. Also, in Belgrade something is always happening. It is much closer to my hometown and much familiar to me, since I’ve been going to visit my boyfriend there for years.

By the evening, I had come to a decision. Belgrade. There is no good reason, except that I was tired of decisions. I threw a coin. The end.

The only thing now left is to convince my parents why in Belgrade. Turns out they wanted me to go to Belgrade in the first place. Drama about parents is solved. Ah, that is the life. I just have to go there tomorrow.

In the end, I was proud of myself. I changed the way of my life, gave up on music, but started chasing new career. of language, culture and customs. First one, I want to learn is English, and then.. Who knows? Maybe I will learn German, or French, even Russian sounds exciting. Hobby will be always Japanese (those guys are awesome). I don’t know if I will be good at it, but one thing I do know – when you are talented in many areas, nothing is difficult.

My best friend always told me that I was just like his older brother. Everything came easy to me. Whatever I tried to do, it was always perfect and good. But I am, just like his brother, damn lazy! Except when it comes to languages. My best friend and me are language freaks. Although I speak only two languages (along with my native), I can easily adjust my mind to another one. Like French the other day.

He was trying to teach me French accent which is really difficult for me (no reason). I was really good at it and he said that maybe I could learn it, when I finish English and German. I can’t wait.

Anyway, from that day, you are not talking to the violin player.  I am not a musician anymore. And I am happy with that.

Oh, and let me rewrite my “About” page.  Sorry about that.

Change of Heart Part 2 (I will skip some parts)

I will skip some days ahead, because they are not that relevant for you and I am to lazy to write every detail about my entrance exam in Novi Sad and everything that happened after that, so, before I write the main event for this story, I will tell you some things that happened meanwhile.

Novi Sad is a beautiful city. Much more than Belgrade and not noisy. Also, it doesn’t have hills (I know it’s not the correct word, but I can’t remember the real one, sorry)

Entrance exam was more difficult than in Belgrade. E.g. here was 6 pages of grammar and literature (which is interesting, since no school teaches English literature. Oh, how lucky I was that I read Orwell and some other books before this exam) and the second part was an interview with professors from the faculty. Good thing is that they gave us more freedom as in going to toilet and leaving when you have finished.

Their paperwork is too complicated.. I thought, at one point, that they would ask me what I had for breakfast.

There was a guy who looked exactly like my boyfriend would look if he were 7 years younger. Bald, tall, skater outfit… Same earrings… Weird..

Wine festival in Novi Sad was awesome. Too bad I can’t remember half of it.

Traveling by train in Serbia is awesome.

Tu cut long story short, day after the exam, I found out I was admitted. Now all I had to do is wait for results from Belgrade.

After that I was afraid. People were telling me that it was very difficult to get admitted into the Belgrade faculty, because many are trying. I was starting to think I will not be in Belgrade and made a plan for living in Novi Sad. I almost got used to that.

While all of this was happening, I have to say, with little sorrow that I didn’t have my parents support. While they agreed to help me with my plan, they weren’t really pleased with the situation. They still think I would be a better musician than linguist. Well, my dear parents, if you knew English language and started reading my blog, you would know how much talented am I really.

Also, for some reason I don’t know, they hate English language. My father said that I should try and learn German, but I didn’t even want to hear about it. Why would I want to trade such a simple language (let’s face it, it’s a lot easier than German or Serbian)?  My mother doesn’t even bother…

That night, with these thoughts on mind, I went to sleep, only to hear good news next morning.

The results from Belgrade are here.

I get lost at the most unusual places

I guess I don’t write that much as I used to, but I’m starting to think posts are getting better (I love to brag and you can’t do anything about it). Anyway, for today I have a special story. It’s about me and my biggest success this month.

One more thing – before I start, I need to tell you something about me.

I have a orientation problem. I can get lost in the most unusual place and I can make a fool out of myself. Really. I once got lost in my hometown which has around 10 000 people. True story.

Now, to tell you this story…

Today is my boyfriends birthday. He’s turning 26 and I came to Belgrade to celebrate birthday with him. I know, that’s sweet, but that is not the story. This is only the cause of the events.

We woke up early to drink together coffee. I was still sleepy, but I wanted to spend some time with him because he was going to classes from 10 to 3 afternoon. Also, I was planning to buy him his birthday present and make him a lovely lunch. Still, it was his big day.

And as he went to school, and I went to… Well, I don’t really know where I was supposed to go. For me Belgrade is huge place and I was here just a couple of times. I don’t know where to go and where to buy a present. Then a very, very good idea came to my mind – I will go to that huge mall and buy him a present.

In the end it was a bad idea. The building was huge (for me) and all the stores looked same. I am not lying. If it weren’t for names, I wouldn’t know if I walked into a cafe, or a boutique. On the top of that, it was my turn to buy groceries (bellow the mall is a huge super market, so that was my next stop).

So, I successfully bought the present (just so you know, I won’t tell what I got him, but I will tell you that he liked it very much). And the only thing on my list was groceries. As soon as I find the entrance to that shop bellow.

So I spent a good half an hour looking for entrance and I finally gave up and asked one of those security guards. Did I mention that I’m shy? I’d rather be dead than talk to someone I don’t know.

Oh, but the adventure wasn’t over still. After purchasing, I had to o one more thing – find an exit. That was the most difficult thing I did today. It’s because I never went shopping here alone and I, just like my father, rely on others to lead me through. Now, I was alone.

Oh, I can’t wait to tell this to my family. I think that this day, when I went to the mall (and hadn’t get lost) and even managed to buy all the stuff I need so I could later cook the best dinner ever (yes, the lunch became the dinner. It’s all my boyfriends fault. He came late, and then we went for a walk before he took off to his Swedish language class) is a big success for me. I don’t have problem with orientation, I just have ADD. Or do I?

I am going to sleep now. Have fun shopping, people.

My 10 ways to pass the time

So, I’ve been in a visit to my boyfriend in Belgrade for couple of days and we finally decided to play some co-op game.  After searching, we found the perfect one – LEGO Indiana Jones. The problem was, after calculating the time of downloading, we realized it’ll took 12 hours.

Lego Indiana Jones

1) At that moment we thought it’s okay, because we were preparing for sleep, but, during the night, while we were asleep, the damned computer restarted himself (because of some updates). And, when we got up, we found we had to wait 7 more hours for downloading the game.

2) After cursing and swearing, we tried to calm down and, while my boyfriend went to the shower, I made us some coffee. We drank it and started planning our next move.

3) The next move was simple: rearranging the furniture in his flat. It took us about an hour to do it. Well, all I did was cleaning the tables and watching my boyfriend and his roommate moving the furniture from one side of the room to another.

4) When they finished, we were kind of tired, so we played a couple of games on internet, like Epic coaster and others. That was funny and refreshing. I love breaks like that.

5) Since the game hasn’t been downloaded still, we were now bored to death. Playing games on internet is fun, but not for long. So we went to the kitchen to clean the mess up. In this flat lives my boyfriend, his sister, roommate and roommate’s sister and the flat has only 3 rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. Because of so many people living here, the kitchen was constantly a mess. Now, the whole flat was clean and pleasant again. Yay!

6) Now it’s time for a second coffee break. We made coffee and decided not to touch the internet so it would download quicker. We sat in silence, thinking how the coffee was so delicious after hard work.

7) Ah, the boredom… Now we really didn’t know what to do. I started reading a book, and then I remembered that I didn’t post today on blog. So i decided to share with you 7 ways to pass the time while the game is downloaded.

The point of this post was: whenever you find yourself bored to death, look around and you will always find something to do. This is how I fight the boredom, you can always experiment. Except the lazy people. You don’t have to do anything, just exist.

The game of my life

When I sit at home with my family I can’t help but notice how we’re so different and yet so similar to each other. E.g.  My father is 6 years older than my mother and when I was born he was already 32 years old. I know there are many families like mine, but, the point is about technology.

My father spent all his childhood reading comics. There wasn’t much of technology in that time, only radio and television, so, he has the comic of his life – believe it or not, Alan Ford on Croatian. Maybe it is the generation gap, maybe it isn’t but we don’t agree about that and we often argue about comics. Believe me when I tell you that teachers are stubborn like hell.

My mother is another story. She was, like all the young women in those days, dreaming of Mr. Perfect (yeah, right, Mom, you found him, congratulation!). So, she spent her years reading romantic novels, until one particular TV series showed up – the one and only “Sandokan” who was able to make Belgrade look like ghost city when it was on television. Anyway, my mother has a series of her life.


I don't really understand why my Mom likes him so much



Do you see a pattern here? Good.

My brother is 4 years older than me. That’s very much considering technology. We didn’t have money for game consoles so he spent his free time watching cartoons. One especially – the famous, most awesome anime of all the time: Granzort. Maybe you heard about it, maybe you didn’t but it doesn’t matter. He watched every single episode of it. It is the cartoon of his life. (actually, I don’t know if I should call it cartoon or anime. Is there any diference?)

Admit it, it looks awesome..

As for me… Well, guess what? I have a video game of my life. It’s the highly addictive Super Mario! I remember spending hours of my free time playing this game over and over. I knew every hidden coin, mushroom, coin chamber and passage in my sleep. The best game ever!

Ah, the joy...

I must admit, there is a installation of Super Mario on my computer. I’ve been playing it for months now.

Video games and me – Pt. 3

Okay, so it’s finally time for another round with my favorite video games, and this time, I’m not alone.

There is something I never told you. My boyfriend and I don’t see each other very much. The main problem about this is that we live in different cities. But, when he comes to me, or I go to him, then we spend our time the best we can do – play video games.

When I came to Belgrade for last New Year, I managed to convince him to play some games with me. My choice, naturally, was Prince of Persia: Warrior Within because of the acrobatics and a very good gameplay. Then I thought, maybe it’s to difficult for him. So, I installed a test game: Star Wars: Republic Commando. It’s an FPS and we just go and shoot at everything that moves. That is when I realized I made a good choice in picking up games.

In first half an hour of playing, he managed to get killed couple of times (it happens, I know) , but what really shocked me, was the fact that he managed to fall from the bridge and kill himself that way. What?! I tried that millions of time and that’s impossible!

Something like this happened...

When I was done laughing at him, I took over the game and showed him how to play it. He was really embarrassed and I felt guilty for laughing, but, hey, he rightly deserved it. After my turn of playing I turned on cheats and let him play, opened a bag of chips and continued laughing. He was so toasted.

Now, imagine that I didn’t switch the games in last minute and let him play Prince of Persia. Poor guy wouldn’t make it through the first 15 minutes of playing…

A year passed quickly… After that, he played Call of Duty through the end, and I think that he learned much for all this time. FPS are not the problem anymore.