Looking forward to Valentines day!

So… Valentines…

It will be the first one in 5 years that I’ll spend single, but my greatest worry is that I still haven’t updated my “about” page.

Good thing is my ex doesn’t read my blog. Although I check his regularly.

Anywhoooo… The topic will be Valentines cards and pick up lines that don’t work at all OR are socially awkward.

Valentines cards lines you can use:

– I would give you my last piece of pizza

– I would let you overwrite my save game

– I would never lose a key to your heart… (do not confuse heart with house)

– Will you be my Valentine? Me neither.

– There is no key to my heart, there is a password. Which is hidden like a coded message in 50 Shades of Grey book I give to you

Pick up lines:

– *coughs seductively*

– may I buy you a pizza?

– *makes eye contact* Girl, you are hot like Anakin Skywalker after duel with Obi Wan

– Is it hot in here or can I turn off the AC?

– *awkward silence*

I had fun making these… Wish I can say that for my creativity.


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