As a pedestrian…

As a pedestrian, I always hate drivers. As driver, I always hate pedestrians. But, no matter what type of transportation I use, I will always hate cyclists.

Now, I am not a driver. Hell, I never even started a car in my life. And I’m fine with that. Seriously. As long as there are pretty boys who drive the car, I will always find a way.

But, alas, the winter brings out the worst in us. Being limited to walking and public transportation, I release my hatred for cold weather, humid air, grey sky and wet pavement towards drivers… And other pedestrians.

Now, I like public transportation. The tramways are steampunk here in Belgrade (courtesy of Switzerland, as it says on them), and I often wonder why the hell there isn’t any bar in the middle of those things.  It’s not that I don’t like using them, but when I have to choose between walking couple of stops, or wait 10 minutes in cold weather for transportation to arrive, I always choose the former.

Until I remember where I live.

YES, IN FUCKING SERBIA! Where you are always wrong, and your voice doesn’t matter.

You have to beware of pedestrians AND drivers here. (cyclists don’t exist here. Belgrade is basicallly more up and down then any other direction. Being on hills and everything)

So, I had been planing to go to the grocery store that is couple of stops away. No biggie, I’ll walk. And I always regret it. ALWAYS!

There is a very lousy intersection which I have to cross so I can go to the store. As much as I would like to skip it, it is not possible due to the lack of pavement on my side. This is what you get:

– go to the intersection

– wait for couple of minutes for traffic light to turn green

– watch for lunatics that drive through red

– pray to God that there won’t be any when you cross the street

– cross the street running

– wait 2 minutes to turn green again

– wait for cars that want to make a turn to let you pass

– wait because it’s FUCKING RED LIGHT AGAIN

– start crossing the street

– shoot a dirty look to cars that want to make a turn because you stop them

– cross the street

Now, this happens only if you’re lucky and there are no parked cars and pedestrians. If there are:

– there will always be a parked car at pedestrian crossing

– other pedestrians that do not cross the street will block your way while chatting

– those who want to cross the street will space out when the light turns green

– there will always be that dick who will make you stand in a puddle

– if not, there will always be a completely oblivious citizen who will make you stand in front of a puddle which the drivers oh so much love, and will refuse to move for you to pass.

Pedestrian nightmare, I will dream of you tonight.


…and my family wonders why I hate people…


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