Canada appreciation post!

Did I ever tell you how much I love Canadians? They are just adorable!

Like… So much cuteness…

Fellow Canadians, if I accidentally made you upset, feel free to apologize in the comment section.

Just kidding.  🙂 I am sorry. I love you all!


4 thoughts on “Canada appreciation post!

  1. When I went to Mexico and was socializing with people on the resort – never mentioning where I was from they would all say “You’re from Canada right?” I asked what the give away was, and each person who come out with the same response – “you say sorry” “you say ‘pardon me’ when you don’t understand” “You don’t say ‘huh'”… You’re post reminded me of that.
    – A polite Canadian
    — I am sorry – I don’t mean to sound cocky

    • I love how Canada is represented in the world. I mean, you are the epitome of polite. Well, you and the Brits (at least here in Europe). It is a stereotype (this whole post is one huge stereotype), but it is a good one.

      (Truth to be told, I was a little upset that I would get hate for this post, but people seem to like it. 🙂 That tells a lot about Canadians.)

      • It’s ironic that England is Europe’s “Canada” as we started off at a British Colony which is still very prevalent in our legal system!
        It is funny though, just how stereotypes work. We definitely have our share of rude people, probably the same amount as anywhere else..
        Honestly though, you posted jokes, nothing harmful at all. I didn’t find it rude at all. It is much better than something about us living in igloos and get around by dogsled. Those make me laugh, merely at the unintelligence. How could anyone get offended by jokes on how polite we are!
        Where in Europe are you? I would give anything to go there!!

  2. I believe it’s like when a child inherits the traits of a parent. Brits are polite, so it makes sense that people from at least one of the former colonies are polite.

    And stereotypes are the weirdest thing. For example, I had a stereotype that tuna is a small fish because they were canned, like sardines. Being that sardines are small, I presumed tuna is also . Imagine my reaction when I saw how big they are really. 😀 (I was a little girl, shut up)

    Oh, and I am from Serbia. 🙂 You know, the little country on the Balkan peninsula, always looking for trouble? 🙂 (I would recommend you to visit the “about” page, but I may have to update it. AGAIN!)

    p.s: if you ever travel to Europe, I recommend you to see Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary) and Prague (Czech Republic). Those are the most beautiful cities in Europe.

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