Knock knock!

Knock knock!

Hehe, get the joke? 🙂

Now, a quick poll:

Feel free to add your favourite villain. 🙂 I put only couple of them, since I made this in a rush. 🙂

Go and vote! Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Knock knock!

  1. Indeed I am. 😀 It is very unusual for me, but one post was actually supposed to be published yesterday (and the Universe is kicked back into normalcy). Instead, WordPress sort of backfired… 🙂

    Btw, if House MD and the Doctor were enemies… huh… We would all die of sassiness! 🙂
    And I would gladly give my life for these two to meet. 😀

  2. hhhhhhh your life!, well it will be once in a life time battle for sure, don’t forget to inform me if it did happen 😀
    anyway like your writing style, keep it up, one or two post a day would be a good thing to start with, since i won’t have to wait to long between posts 🙂
    keep it up

  3. Thanks! One post per day is still a hectic schedule for me, since my life is mostly boring and nothing ever happens to me (or the things that happen to me are too private to write them here). 😀 I will try to post once or twice per week (maybe even more, depends on my mood).

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