I am the weather, weather is me

Somewhere between my education in school and country education (I used to spend my Summer breaks in the country, taking care of cattle and spending time with nature – interesting, though a little boring for an adolescent) I developed an uncanny ability to predict weather.

It is not what you think. I am no weatherman (weatherwoman, whatever), although they are more wrong than right. It’s more like looking at the sky and then murmur something like “oh, shit, it’s going to rain in the next hour or so” based on the movement of clouds or many other things I learned.

It started with simple things – I knew that birds fly low when it’s going to rain, because of flies which can feel the change in the air pressure. Well, that was not always true, but it was enough to plan the afternoon. Then, my deceased grandfather (may his soul rest in peace) taught me that frogs tend to change their behaviour right before the rain, which was more easier than watching birds, as I didn’t have to watch the frogs for ten minutes or more.

However, living in the city was making difficult to predict rain, since there have been no birds, or frogs.

So I started paying attention to the wind.

if the wind was coming from the East, it meant heavy rain, because of the mountains that surrounded my hometown.

Now, living in the capital I realized that I developed this ability to that measure that I knew when I was supposed to start walking back home in order to not get caught in the rain. A simple gust of wind was enough for me to determine if it is a calm before the storm, or just a pleasant breeze.

Also, I found out that, between the cold wave and nice weather, there is always a one to three days of “wind wave” when the air pressure changes on a large scale.

Needless to say that my friends were always amazed by this and often heeded my advice to go home, or take an umbrella with them.

This is actually an ability that I am very proud of. Maybe it looks like it’s nothing new, but, remember that, when you’re sitting in the rain, wet like a dog because you forgot your umbrella, I am sitting at home and laughing at you. 

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