– The Walking Dead 3rd season premiere. Carl, you son of a *****, stay in the house.

– I miss Doctor Who from times when it was a good show (1-5th season).

I’d pay to see this.

– One Piece is a good anime and I finished it. This one made me more sensitive to movies and stuff. Now I can cry whenever I want.

– I got good at poker. And, I bought a poker set. 😀

– My boyfriend bought a guitar belt that says “at least I’m not a drummer.” I reminded him of an article about a wedding where bride took off with a drummer.

– Han shot first?

– I am going to watch Empire Strikes back tonight.

– Grand Admiral Moff Tarkin is way cooler than Darth Vader.

– Luke Skywalker is a whiny b****.

– You should read The Walking Dead comic.

Only because of this panel. 🙂

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