Respect the signs

“You know that my sister went to the country for Summer. Well, it turns out she wasn’t so lucky. She and my mother were taking a walk to the waterfalls outside the village. It was taking too long and they were soon tired. They saw a church (or monastery) and decided to go there to rest their legs. In the yard, they see this bench under a beautiful tree, that was decaying because of old age, but still was alive enough to provide shade. On the tree was posted a sign saying ‘Please, do not smoke. Thank you.’ 

They turned around. There was no one there. Seriously. You could barely see the chapel, the yard was really big. Why would a sign like that stand in the middle of nowhere? ‘They are probably sick of cleaning that up, or they are afraid that the fire will start’, said my mother, ‘but we will be careful.’ So, they both lighted up the cigarettes. A decision they would soon have regretted. 

The fucking tree was a home to a big, bad, hornet nest! And the smoke irritates them.

As soon as they lit up their cigarettes, the hornets flew out of the tree and started an all forces air assault on both of them. Did they have time to run away? Barely. 

Luckily, no one was hurt. Well, my sister got stung by a hornet, but it wasn’t dangerous. Since then, they respect the signs. So do I.”

– My boyfriend on the “Respect the signs” discussion we had

Hehe, this monologue will never grow old on me.


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