A jerk and his car… (Will you please turn off the music?)

This video is not related to my post. But it is still funny.

So, last night I was sitting outside, doing whatever I do in the evening when I’m outside and I see him again. That jerk in expensive car. Okay, you probably ask why he is a jerk? Is he a jerk because he has expensive car? No. Because he went out and I didn’t? No. It is because that is the 5th time that evening I saw him and his friends passing by my house.

I don’t understand it? Man, if you want to ride in circles, I’ll give you money, go to amusement park and have fun. What is the point in going in circles for hours every night? Lost something? Or are you retarded and don’t have the ability to go straight?

The car is a nice one. It is a convertible, I think, white, has neon lights on wheels and nice speakers (I don’t know how to name these things). It is not registered here, but in Austria. All in all, a really nice car.

The jerk inside I can’t see. Shame, I bet he has one of those “look at me, I am the celebrity here” faces every time he thinks someone is watching him. Some of you will think I am jealous. Yes, I am. I am jealous not because he has money, but because he spends it on b*****it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need more money, I just want people to realize that it is really retarded spending money on stupid things.

There is famine in Somalia, you know?

Anyway, let’s get back to that act of driving in circles. Do you people do it? Does it only seem retarded to me because I’m from Serbia? I really try to understand it. Let’s see, every night you drive about 3 hours around town. You have to wait at traffic light and you have to drive less than 20km/h. I don’t know the math, but that seems like lot of fuel. Now, imagine every evening is like this…  Oh, and you have to know that oil prices here in Serbia cost two times more than in America.

I know, you will tell me “that’s his money, what do you care what he does with it,” but I do care, because that same guy goes by my house every time ad that loud techno music shakes my windows and my door…  That is my problem. Oh, and I hate when people make themselves look like jerks. This one deserves it most.

That is my story for today. I had to tell it to someone since it is so bugging me whole day. Thanks for listening.

P.S: Just remind me to edit my “About” page… Thank you!


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