Change of Heart Part 2 (I will skip some parts)

I will skip some days ahead, because they are not that relevant for you and I am to lazy to write every detail about my entrance exam in Novi Sad and everything that happened after that, so, before I write the main event for this story, I will tell you some things that happened meanwhile.

Novi Sad is a beautiful city. Much more than Belgrade and not noisy. Also, it doesn’t have hills (I know it’s not the correct word, but I can’t remember the real one, sorry)

Entrance exam was more difficult than in Belgrade. E.g. here was 6 pages of grammar and literature (which is interesting, since no school teaches English literature. Oh, how lucky I was that I read Orwell and some other books before this exam) and the second part was an interview with professors from the faculty. Good thing is that they gave us more freedom as in going to toilet and leaving when you have finished.

Their paperwork is too complicated.. I thought, at one point, that they would ask me what I had for breakfast.

There was a guy who looked exactly like my boyfriend would look if he were 7 years younger. Bald, tall, skater outfit… Same earrings… Weird..

Wine festival in Novi Sad was awesome. Too bad I can’t remember half of it.

Traveling by train in Serbia is awesome.

Tu cut long story short, day after the exam, I found out I was admitted. Now all I had to do is wait for results from Belgrade.

After that I was afraid. People were telling me that it was very difficult to get admitted into the Belgrade faculty, because many are trying. I was starting to think I will not be in Belgrade and made a plan for living in Novi Sad. I almost got used to that.

While all of this was happening, I have to say, with little sorrow that I didn’t have my parents support. While they agreed to help me with my plan, they weren’t really pleased with the situation. They still think I would be a better musician than linguist. Well, my dear parents, if you knew English language and started reading my blog, you would know how much talented am I really.

Also, for some reason I don’t know, they hate English language. My father said that I should try and learn German, but I didn’t even want to hear about it. Why would I want to trade such a simple language (let’s face it, it’s a lot easier than German or Serbian)?  My mother doesn’t even bother…

That night, with these thoughts on mind, I went to sleep, only to hear good news next morning.

The results from Belgrade are here.

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