Cooking lessons (All bad things come in pair)

I haven’t had this much laugh in ages. I really mean it. Yeah, I know you have no idea what happened. In order to enlighten you, I have to tell you everything that happened today.

Me and my brother are alone in house. My parents are at the country. So, the main question was – what were we going to eat? No money, rain making us stay at home, we were in interesting situation. Also we were lazy to cook anything.

For hours we were starving and finally decided to start cooking. Luckily for me, I knew how to cook. My brother isn’t that lucky. And you will see why.
In our house, we only had some cheese, eggs and bread. Everyone sees a perfect meal out of it, and so did we. After a brief meeting, on which we disagreed on the spice part, we decided that we should cook our meals separately. I was the first one.

A little cheese, curry, chili sauce and eggs – I made a nice warm dinner that was very delicious. Yes, I am proud of myself. Anyway, I also offered to my brother that I cook him dinner, but he refused it, saying “you can’t cook it the way I want it.” That is how trouble started.

I was already hungry, so I was eating and watching him cook. He put the cheese in the pan and looked around for oil. The next comment I remember was: “I don’t remember that oil is so liquid.” Then I realized what he did. And I think my brother did, too. He put vinegar instead of oil. Dear, God! I do remember the smell of fried vinegar!

Anyway, after ruining the first try, he started again. This time I was slightly more amused and offered to cook dinner, again. He refused. Double Trouble. 🙂

He put the cheese, and then eggs and then the spices came. One in particular – rosemary. What my brother didn’t know is that the bottle has a hole at the top, not those little holes. So I was watching him put half of the bottle into his meal. We were silent for good ten seconds before I choked on my food and he miserably slumped in defeat. Cooking 1 – my brother 0.

At the end he did make a good meal (actually, I don’t know, he ate alone), and provided me a good laugh that you can also have now. He is a lousy cook. Poor guy…


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