My team always loses. True story.

Ah, yes. The bestest finale last night. Barcelona vs. Manchester United. Fighting for the tittle of the Champions league winner. Everyone knew that it was going to be hell of a match.

Anyway, until the game, I seriously didn’t know who to cheer. I liked both Barcelona and MU. But, the moment Manchester set foot on the field, I knew it was them who won my heart. Seeing Nemanja Vidic, a Serbian soccer player, as the captain of that team makes me proud. We are a country who gave the world some of the best sport players ever. I need only to reminiscence couple of years backwards, or just say names like Milorad Cavic, Novak Djokovic (my friends always joke that I am in relationship with him, because we often see in news something about him and is girlfriend, Jelena Ristic – that is my name and surname. Of course, she is blonde, I’m not. Also, I prefer geeks, like my boyfriend who is audio manager and is currently exploring the sea of animation), Jelena Jankovic; than our volleyball team (male and female), basketball team, water polo team, and I heard that we have also gold in karate and some other sports.

Anyway, let’s go back to the game. Barcelona was superior. No question. Everyone knew it from beginning that they are the new champions. So, I was doomed to cheer for a team that was losing. I’m fine with that. Seriously. It’s always like that. I think I feel sympathy for a losing team. Like, when I was cheering for Galactic Empire and those damn Ewoks destroyed 501st. And Luke brought Vader to the light side. Damn, you, Luke Skywalker!!!

So, I was in downtown, drinking coffee and watching the first half of the game. Many people were there. Some cheering for one team, others for another. That made the game funny. Every action from both teams activated (can’t remember other word for that) the notorious motion of curses (and believe me, we have more than you can imagine. Some I heard last night for the first time) and cheering. After the first half, and a lot of upside downs in the game, I decided to go and meet with my friends. How bad can the game be?

It was really bad. Manchester lost 4:1. The other team wiped the floor with them. I felt bad, but than we started making fun with it. My friends told me that I was a luck charm, and while I was watching, they were doing well, but again, Manchester didn’t buy players from Barcelona, which was a huge mistake. They lost. Well, last night it sounded funny.

Am I really a lucky charm? My mother forbids me to leave the room when Djokovic is playing, my brother urges me to cheer for a team that he dislikes, so they can loose, etc.

I don’t really watch sport. The big ones I do, but that’s it. I don’t even know why I wrote this post, since I can’t even hold a ball properly. Meh, this one deserved it. Congratulations to Barcelona for winning and “better luck next time” to Manchester.


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