Will someone tell me to stop talking?

I think it’s time for another post, don’t you think? No, I was not lazy (I am not admitting anything, I’m innocent!), I was just preoccupied with some other stuff… Like… Saving puppies. Ha! Contradict me that, Dad! Yeah, I know you can’t, because you don’t know a word of English.

Anyway, I don’t have internet connection (I don’t like paying my bills that much, so they shut me down). I’m sitting in some cafe and drinking the best ice coffee I ever had. Oh, the irony. I am ready to take the money for internet bills and spend it for this sweet ice coffee… Mmmm…

Okay, now back to topic. Help me out, people, I can’t focus. Drink my coffee, before it consumes all of my attention!

As you know, my cat died two weeks ago. Yeah… Tough one. Here is the bigger picture: I had three cats – one spoiled, aristocratic and utterly insolent cat, Niccolay. I hate that cat! If you ever asked yourself can a cat manipulate a human being, let me answer you – this cat controls my whole family. Except me, HAHAHAHAHA! (evil laugh, if you want to know). I can see what you really are – you are my arch nemesis, cat!

Contrary to this antichrist, I had two other cats that I picked of the street when they were small. They are a brother and a sister, born the same month like the Satan that I mentioned above, but because they didn’t have food when they were little, they remained small. As you can guess, I am the only one who loved them – my whole family wanted to get rid of them. And the opportunity came.

Little brother (I called him Whiner, because he made that sound like he’s always whining about something) got sick. I urged my parents to take him to the vet but they didn’t pay any attention (we never take our cats to vet, don’t know why). One day he disappeared and never came back. Yes, the worst happened. But, his death wasn’t in vain. He’s little sister was pregnant (the father was indeed the idiot from above. My family wanted those kittens.) and she started showing the same symptoms. I recognized it as soon as it manifested and I managed to convince my mother that it’s a virus and they bought medicine for her. Sadly, she lost her kittens, but, hey! She lives, and drama can continue.

Okay, now, that I shared this with you, I’m going back to other things:

My fashion sense changed. Now, I look like a hippie, wearing linen skirts and pants. Oh, yeah. And they are all orange and red and green… No more black outfit for me! 😀 Also, I dyed my hair in purple, again.

What else… Oh, yeah, I have one hell of a Easter story that is about my dog, grandma and a rooster, but I am saving it for a whole post, because it so deserves it!

Hmm… Did you watch Eurovision? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the famous song contest in Europe. The biggest one. And Azerbaijan won. Is that country in Europe? Really? Are you 100% sure? Okay… My bad… I actually didn’t watch it because I was busy watching a tennis match between Djokovic and Murray. And Djokovic won his 36th match in a row. Than he mopped the floor with Nadal in finale.

Is that all? Wait! I remember just one more thing for you. These days I am all into sci-fi books. And just the particular ones. It all started when I read Fahrenheit 451 from Ray Bradbury. Guy Montag is my favorite character ever! Now, I’m reading Nineteen-eighty four from Orwell, and than I will read Brave New world from Huxley and finally I will read War of the Worlds and Time machine from H.G.Wells. Yup, I am stuck into the sci-fi genre. Any other book you can suggest? I also have “Wheel of time” from Robert Jordan, but I just can’t start reading it. Heh… Did I mention that all of these books are in English?

So, that’s it for these couple of weeks. This post is actually couple of posts that I wrote in Microsoft Word and decided to put them in a big one, military one (who watched Jeff Dunham’s show, knows this reference). Anyway, there is one particular sentence that resonates in my mind these days: Walter’s (Jeff Dunham’s puppet) favorite – “Get a life!”

Bye, see you soon! 🙂


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