3 events that have no connections with each other

On Friday my boyfriend came from Belgrade home (finally!). Why is this important for this blog? Because, whenever I’m with him, I don’t post, and also, because he brought with him his brother’s camera – Nikon d60. That night we went out and took pictures. Actually, he took pictures of me. Yeah, that’s right. Also, we learned couple of things while taking pictures.

– Have a big memory card.

– Never trust a display on the camera

– Always have Photoshop or some similar program installed on your computer

Yeah, when I saw pictures on the camera, I thought they were okay, but then, raw files were too dark on computer. It was a disaster. I was feeling lazy, so I worked on only two photos on computer. My boyfriend took the rest with him and posted them on internet.

Anyway, I can post only one photo here (I didn’t get permission for other ones), so here is the one I use as a profile picture.

And other pictures you can see on http://www.fluidr.com/photos/aljosasologub .


 *       *       *

My cat died couple of days ago. We never saw the body, but the last time we saw it, it was very sick. And I threw it out. I feel so bad now…

That cat came to me with it’s little sister last year. They were starving to death and I felt so sorry for them. While my parents weren’t looking, I fed them. So they stayed. As time passed, they grew bigger and soon they were in our house in warm.

My parents didn’t love them at all. They were little thieves, loud and annoying. But I loved them even more because of that. They were little rebels. Also, we had one cat that was acting like an f-ing royalty. It was spoiled and everything.

Now, one of mine cats is dead. The older one, male. Its sister is okay and expecting little ones. Yay! By the way, do you know what dead fame is? That’s when a person, that was bad while alive, becomes a saint once they pass away. Lame. That’s what happened to my little cat. No one liked it (except me) while it was alive. Now, they all feel sorry and say they liked my little cat. Hypocrites!

*     *     *

While I am writing this, my father is walking around, looking for his money, cell phone, and usb flash memory. My mother gave him all of that, because he was in a hurry. Interesting is that, seeing me writing something he doesn’t understand (he doesn’t know a word in English), he got annoyed and left for work without money, flash and phone. Now, when he needs the money, he can’t call us home, because his phone is at home too. The bad thing also is that I want to eat a chocolate, but I can’t ask him to buy me one.

I love my father. He is legendary!


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