You’ve done these things

This post is about things we often do and don’t even realize that. Did it ever occur to you? No? I bet that there is at least one thing on this list that you did. 🙂
1. Gone up a down escalator
– I did this often when I was a kid. I grew up in a small town and first time I even saw escalators was when I was 10. At that time, one of my favorite games was going up a down escalator. I don’t do this anymore. Okay, but it’s rare. Not often.
2. Tried to make a fish follow your finger.
– It happened last year. I was with my boyfriend at a pet store to buy something I don’t remember. There was one aquarium with at least 50 fishes that looked the same. So, being bored in the pet store, I decided to put my finger on the glass. It took them only an instant to start following my finger. They were hypnotized. What was the irony? Well, I tried to show it to my boyfriend but he kept ignoring me, so he found out about this when we were at home. Let’s see him ignore me next time. I never saw those fishes again.
3.Going to the fridge for no reason.
– I do that always. When I’m bored, sad, happy, hungry, sleepy, just woke up, etc. It’s like I’m hoping that there will appear something new in those 5 minutes when I’m not looking. Yes, I’m hoping for some magic here. Universe, help me.
4. Stared at someone to see if they would realize
– I’m staring always at my boyfriend. I think he has ADD, because he starts talking to me, and then, he just stares at TV. Sadly, at that point the only thing I can do is stare at him. Also, when he meets some of his friends, he forgets that I wanted to ask him something, and I just wait for my turn. My turn never comes. Sometimes, I write questions on paper and wait for hours to ask him.
5. Pretended to drive when in the passenger’s seat
It’s not that funny, actually. I did that only once, but it’s not that cool.
6. Play air guitar madly
Yeah! One of the best things I ever did! Actually, I did that in a bus. When it was full. And I was singing. I bet you can’t do that!!!
7. Become addicted to COD
– Yes. I am a girl, but I am really addicted to this game. Actually, only part one. I didn’t play others. It all happened when my brother brought the CD home. He installed the game and I saw him play it. Then I said those words – “Can I try?” Since then, COD is my favorite fps ever.
8. Watched water droplets fall down a window to see who would win
– Never did this. 
9. Picked everything off a pizza
– When I was a little girl, I didn’t eat pizza, because I didn’t like ketchup, mushrooms and oregano. Can you imagine how pizza would look like without all those things I said?
10. (Phew! At last I’ve finished answering questions) Laughed at a random memory
– It happens from time to time. I like daydreaming and sometimes I remember something funny that happened to me and start laughing. i can laugh so hard that often people think I’m crazy. I don’t care. I love my memories. Every one of them. 

4 thoughts on “You’ve done these things

  1. Heh.. interesting to think about and come up with our own lists! I don’t pick everything off the pizza, but I’ll often sit there and pick every speck of red & green peppers, and olives, off the pizza 🙂

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