Something to do with bacon (or if you want – “Mmmm, bacon”)

So, I was checking my e-mail today and I remembered that I am subscribed to Daily Post on It’s today that I just wanted to write a topic that is brought by them. Oh, God, I haven’t checked those posts in a month (at least).

Anyway, this one is different than other ones. Why? Because of bacon.

Mmmm, bacon...

Guys, I hate bacon. Just so you know. I can’t eat it. It’s gross (for me, I don’t know why). But, whenever I hear that word “bacon”, it reminds me of one particular moment in one of the best series I ever watched – “That 70’s show”.

This is the best scene in the most awesome show I ever watched. Okay, this one and the one in the last season when all of the gang gets high and Red caught them in the basement. You know, the one with the famous line “I can’t think of the worst punishment for you. You’re going to Africa!”

Anyway, this scene with bacon makes me laugh almost every time. And the best part is that, it repeats couple of times through the show. Every time is just hilarious.

The main problem is that now, whenever I hear the word “bacon” I start laughing like I’m crazy. God, I love this show!

One of the main ingredients of breakfast in America (seriously, I don’t know where else do they eat bacon like that. I think my English teacher said something about English breakfast that has bacon and that it was invented in England. I’m not really sure because i didn’t pay attention then) is also favorite food in my country. Although, we eat it a little different. First, we don’t buy it if we can make it. Second, it’s smoked bacon so we can eat it raw (it’s not really raw, it’s smoked, but we don’t have to fry it). Third… Well, I don’t know the third, because I don’t eat it and it doesn’t interest me.

I was right. English breakfast is the one with bacon.

Now I think that, if I at least put it on my blog, it’s common courtesy to ask you how do you like your bacon, and how do people eat bacon in other countries. You don’t have to answer me that, I don’t really care.

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