I get lost at the most unusual places

I guess I don’t write that much as I used to, but I’m starting to think posts are getting better (I love to brag and you can’t do anything about it). Anyway, for today I have a special story. It’s about me and my biggest success this month.

One more thing – before I start, I need to tell you something about me.

I have a orientation problem. I can get lost in the most unusual place and I can make a fool out of myself. Really. I once got lost in my hometown which has around 10 000 people. True story.

Now, to tell you this story…

Today is my boyfriends birthday. He’s turning 26 and I came to Belgrade to celebrate birthday with him. I know, that’s sweet, but that is not the story. This is only the cause of the events.

We woke up early to drink together coffee. I was still sleepy, but I wanted to spend some time with him because he was going to classes from 10 to 3 afternoon. Also, I was planning to buy him his birthday present and make him a lovely lunch. Still, it was his big day.

And as he went to school, and I went to… Well, I don’t really know where I was supposed to go. For me Belgrade is huge place and I was here just a couple of times. I don’t know where to go and where to buy a present. Then a very, very good idea came to my mind – I will go to that huge mall and buy him a present.

In the end it was a bad idea. The building was huge (for me) and all the stores looked same. I am not lying. If it weren’t for names, I wouldn’t know if I walked into a cafe, or a boutique. On the top of that, it was my turn to buy groceries (bellow the mall is a huge super market, so that was my next stop).

So, I successfully bought the present (just so you know, I won’t tell what I got him, but I will tell you that he liked it very much). And the only thing on my list was groceries. As soon as I find the entrance to that shop bellow.

So I spent a good half an hour looking for entrance and I finally gave up and asked one of those security guards. Did I mention that I’m shy? I’d rather be dead than talk to someone I don’t know.

Oh, but the adventure wasn’t over still. After purchasing, I had to o one more thing – find an exit. That was the most difficult thing I did today. It’s because I never went shopping here alone and I, just like my father, rely on others to lead me through. Now, I was alone.

Oh, I can’t wait to tell this to my family. I think that this day, when I went to the mall (and hadn’t get lost) and even managed to buy all the stuff I need so I could later cook the best dinner ever (yes, the lunch became the dinner. It’s all my boyfriends fault. He came late, and then we went for a walk before he took off to his Swedish language class) is a big success for me. I don’t have problem with orientation, I just have ADD. Or do I?

I am going to sleep now. Have fun shopping, people.


3 thoughts on “I get lost at the most unusual places

  1. Happy birthday to your boyfriend 🙂

    Hehe I know some people are like that too.. they just don’t have a sense of direction and it’s nothing against them or you.. just some people seem to have a compass built in their head, and others not! For me, I rarely get lost.. I have a fairly good sense of direction, and I find if I’m outside, I don’t know which direction I’m facing but I can usually guess and be close/right..

    • Well, my Mom has that compass in her head, but me and my Dad… We can go for hours in circles until we realize that. It’s actually very funny when you end up going somewhere with people like me. When that person annoys you, you can just leave him there and he won’t even find a way home. 😀

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