For the love of God, do it yourself!

So, do you remember when I talked about the problem with my computer? Well, it turns out I finally had enough. It is time to fix my computer. After a cup of coffee and after I come back from a walk and… You see where I’m getting at.

Just for you, readers, here comes a catch – I am one of those do-it-yourself person. Really! Who would’ve guess.

And that’s how I, instead of going to Asus computer service, decided to let my boyfriend open the computer to see what was the cause of that noise. Okay, we knew it was the fan, but we wanted to see how big was that problem.

If there was some spectator he would’ve laughed at the sight of the two of us. First, we went through with this idea of opening up my computer ourselves. Second, that isn’t an easy task (he already did such a thing. My boyfriend once opened his laptop which was also Asus, but it only had 8 screws. After that h and his roommate opened the menacing HP laptop which,  in order to clean it, required even it’s screen to dimsantle! Mine is somewhere in the middle). Third, it required a high concentration level and a lot of memory (you need to remember all of the screw and their places).

Oh, and the fourth was the biggest problem. That was me. You see, I look at my computer like it is a part of me, so, when someone attempts to fix something (even to wipe the dust from screen), I become all panicky. Now, imagine how I felt when I saw my baby computer turned into a big rubble of parts. I elt like I was undergoing a surgery!

My boyfriend wanted to kill me. He needed help and I couldn’t look at my poor computer. And when I was forcing myself to look and help, I was screaming and panicky. That was making him nervous and his hands would start to shake, then he would stop to calm himself and after a couple of minutes, he would continue to open it.

The worst parts were when he would use some force to detach something (like keyboard. I almost started crying and screaming: “Leave it alone! You’ll break it!”). He had to take keyboard, than a plate bellow that in order to get to the core of the problem. And that was not the end.

We saw the problem. It was the fan that was cooling whole system. But, also, that thing was stuck to the motherboard and we (at first) didn’t see a way to check on it.

But he just wouldn’t let go of it. He wanted to go to the end, no matter what (seriously, I think he would break that motherboard just so he could take a look at fan). And he succeeded. He performed something I would rate like a neurosurgery just so he could see the problem.

This is where the catch comes: the fan was a little dislocated so it was making a noise whenever the computer would heat up a little. We can’t fix it. Only thing I can do is waiting for it to stop working. And than I need to buy a new fan.

This looks like one of those surgeries when you open up a patient, see that there is no cure for the disease and just close him up. But the doctor delivers bad news to someone else. Me.


2 thoughts on “For the love of God, do it yourself!

  1. Eek! I’d have been just as freaked out if my husband opened up my laptop! The desktop doesn’t worry me, those things are designed to be opened up, but laptops, not so much! You were very brave 🙂

    • Thank you… 😀 The good thing is that there is a step by step instruction on internet. And so many videos on YouTube.. But even with all those pictures and explanations, opening a laptop is a tricky thing.

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