Today we talk about nothing

Yesterday I was browsing the internet looking for something interesting. As I was trying to see what’s new, I stumbled across one interesting sentence: “Interesting is that everything is made out of atoms. More interesting is that 90% of any atom consists of nothingness.”


You saw nothing...



That’s it. That one left me confused. So, I am not a very good mathematician, but let’s see – We are made of atoms and we are 90% of emptiness. So is everything. We are living in a world that is made 90% of nothingness and 10 % of…something, I guess…

Anyway, what left me confused is, why can’t I then go through the wall? Seriously, I always wanted that. Imagine you don’t need doors… Heh, it would be awesome…


Sentence is more and more awkward if I think about it. Everything we see and feel and whatever, is 90% of, apparently, nothing. So, in truth, nothing is stopping me from going through the wall. And why the Hell is that “nothing” so hard?


This isn't right. It's what is left...



The idea of going through the wall comes from one book that I can’t really remember the name of. Truth to be told, I was little and that was a long time ago that I read it. Okay, so there is a moment in a book in which the main character goes through a wall (main character is a 6 years old kid which is highly intelligent). How he does that? Well, he just puts aside those 10% of “something” aside and goes through empty space of atoms. Bright kid…

Maybe I was little and couldn’t understand, but damn it! I’ve been trying that for 6 years after that! It just doesn’t work! And I want to know why.

So it works in theory and imagination. I am not happy about it…

One of 10 people is actually real in this world. And that one is in all 10 of them. That means those 10 people are actually connected.


Only one of these people exists. Guess who?



Nature, my brain hurts. I know I am not using it a lot, but I would use it if it wouldn’t hurt whenever I try to think about something.

It just get’s better when you hear that question “What’s the matter?” You can make a lousy joke about it. “Hey, what’s the matter?” “Well, it’s nothing, almost nothing.”


I scare people and I can tell jokes. Does that mean I'm a clown?



I am really having fun right now. Want to join me? If you do, then tell me, do you feel empty now? If you eat 10 crackers, you actually ate only one?

Trust me, I can go on like this whole day, but i have more important stuff to do. I’m going to stare at my wall and try to go through it again, for good ol’ times.



3 thoughts on “Today we talk about nothing

  1. in every molecule in water there is one atom of oxygen and two of hidrogen, but you still can’t breath under the water, can you? but fish can. so you can’t go trough walls but that kid can.

    if you look it in another way.. can you imagine how big you are?

    and those atoms are so thick and so much connected with each other. that’s the main reason for not being able to go trough the walls, but you can go trough the water (it have lower density).

  2. You could go through the wall if you lowered your temperature to almost absolute zero. Of course, you’d be dead, but hey, there’s a price to everything, right?

    Does the crackers thing work for chocolates?

    If you take out the gaps in the atoms, you get neutronium, which is what neutron stars are made of. They are tiny, but very heavy.

    I think the reason you can’t walk through walls is the electric charge of the bits atoms are made of, which repel bits of other atoms. Something like that.

    I like the stress reduction kit! 😀

    • Being dead is a small price to pay if you can walk through the walls 😀

      About the crackers… Well, it works for everything, so feel free to rearrange your meals 🙂

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