I spent my Earth Hour on the streets

So, one of the topics that was going on the internet these days was “Earth Hour”. I am glad to say that I participated too, because I am not one of those people that talk about environment all the time. That’s because I don’t have a car, rarely turn on the lights, don’t have TV here and certainly don’t know what am I supposed to do to save this planet (at least I’m honest).

Anyway, when I heard about it I wanted to do something more for Earth. Instead of  turning lights of, I turned of almost everything in my apartment (not including fridge) and just went outside. You know, when I turn off everything, that also means no internet, so I really had nothing to do in my house. Reading the book was also not an option.

And there I was, on the streets, in dark. Yes, in the dark, because whole city turned off lights. There were so many people on the streets (here is the catch) who didn’t know what was that all about. People, do you use internet only for Facebook? Some were actually swearing because they didn’t see their friends who were late. Some were confused. I can tell that I was the only one who actually knew what was going on.

That was the best time of day for me. It was exciting being in the center of the city paying attention to the stars (you could actually see it) and seeing confused people. Yes, we are one dumb nation.

By the way, I have to mention I was also hungry, so I bought some pizza and returned home to eat, and guess what? My laptop was running on batteries. Yes, that is cheating, but, hey, it wasn’t plugged in. So I opened some of my books stationed in laptop .

Note: I have couple of books in my laptop because the light in my living room just doesn’t work well so I need to change the light bulb. That is a problem for me, because I am not tall. I can’t reach it even if I get up on chair. So in the evening I open books on my computer. When I feel the need to read something.

While everything was going towards one extremely boring evening, a call changed everything. My friend wanted to meet her in the park by the river to hang out. She brought some old friends and they wanted to see me. So I said “Why not” and went outside.

We spent hours sitting by the river talking about funny things and jokes. Time passed so quickly that when we looked what time it is we were shocked – it was 3 in the morning! Of course, we forgot about daylight saving time. So we said goodbye.

When I woke up tomorrow, I realized something. I spent whole night without electricity and all my gadgets, sitting with friends and having such a wonderful time. Everything was almost perfect.

Who said saving our planet would be that interesting?

I know I am looking forward to the next Earth hour, but in the meantime, I am sure I’ll do this more often than it seems. In fact, right now, only thing that is working in my apartment is my laptop. Oh, yeah, and the fridge.

P.S: YouTube surprised me with that light switch. It was awesome!


5 thoughts on “I spent my Earth Hour on the streets

  1. It’s amazing how oblivious some people can be to what’s going on around them!
    And such a great idea to not only turn out the lights, but turn off everything!

    • Problem is that people don’t understand internet isn’t only Facebook (talking about my experience). They don’t watch TV anymore, or some news just aren’t important to tell about, and also, they still don’t use internet like they are supposed to.
      Something went terribly wrong somewhere.
      As for turning off everything – it just doesn’t make sense turning only lights off. I think about the lights as minimum, and everything else is acceptable. We can live two hours without electricity. 🙂

      • People ARE understanding.

        What they understand is that, even if the earth is warming, there is nothing we cab do about it because there is no causation link with CO2, and even if there was, nothing can be done.

        This link by an AGW BELIEVER and a top scientist in fact, may assist you in some way.

        Read my blog!




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