Ten things I would like to know before I die

Do you have that list called Ten things I would like to know before I die? I do. I created it ten minutes ago. Try it, it’s fun. Anyway, here is my list. Oh, God, what made me do this…

This is how my Todo list looks like

1. Is there life in this Universe, or are we alone? Seriously, I don’t want to die before I know this. NASA, you suck.

Technically, they are in space and they are alive

2. How did Asian people came up with idea to eat with chopsticks? For me, this is the most bothering question. Everybody else was at that time eating with hands or knives, forks etc. but not them. How? Who’s idea was it? Was the original idea like “Hey, guys, why do you eat with your fingers? Why don’t you just use sticks like you would use fingers. It’s much cleaner that way.” Anyway, whoever that guy is, he is a freaking genius. You rule, my friend.

Thank you for being creative

3. From the beginning, when we became homo sapiens, until these days, are we really, really sure there weren’t two human beings with same faces, same everything. I am not talking about twins, I am talking about chances that two people have the same face, and that one lived in, let’s say ancient Rome, and another today. Can we be 100% sure that never happened?

Now imagine one wears toga. And he's also dead for 2000 years.

4. Let’s imagine, for now, that aliens exist. How do they look like? Do they look like we, or are they little and green. Or they look like lizards? I don’t care how Jupiter looks like, I just want to see an alien. If they exist…

5. Are we one of those species who were supposed to be with one person forever, or not? If we aren’t, then why do we get married, and if we are, then why do we cheat on our partners?

6. What’s the point of money?

“Hey, look at this shinny thing! I will give it to you if you give me two of your fishes.”

“Yeah, right, and what will I eat?”

“It doesn’t matter, you have this shinny thing.”

“Hmm, you are right. I will trade my precious food for that piece of rock, even though I don’t know what to do with it.”

Humanity is doomed…


7. Miss Universe? How come other planets don’t know about it? What if there is a planet of unicorns? Or fairies?

8. What is the biggest number? Okay, now I’m messing with you. Well, no one said I can’t.

9. Is there a exact moment when you stop being young and become old? 40 years? 50 years? When your grandchildren are born? If that’s the case, than my father will become old when he turns 70 years. Or somewhere around 70, but not above, because I would be too old than. You see? I will be old! But still young. My head hurts…

10. What is Raphael Nadal searching in his pants? Can someone ask him? I really have trouble watching tennis when he plays. It’s driving me mad!

No, I don’t have things to do. I am completely bored… And not creative at all…

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