How I ruined Star Wars forever

You know, it’s not every day that bloggers have the privilege to write their 100th post. Some don’t even get to that point. When I wrote my last post, I found out that the next one will be special, at least for me. So I looked for a topic that is cool enough, waited for some event to come up, but nothing happened. And last night, while I was shuffling through Star Wars soundtracks, I came up with this one.

As I said many times on this blog (not that I have another), I am a huge Star Wars fan. Do you know why? Beside that awesome, epic story about young Anakin Skywalker (face it, people, it’s all about him), there are so many things that impress me every day once again.

When we watch a movie, it’s not only about what we are seeing, it’s also about what we hear. I experimented with movies: I closed my eyes while watching some movie, and then I watched it without sound. As long as I hear something is going on, I feel those same emotions that are there when I watch movie normally. But, when there is no sound, it makes me feel empty.

My best experiment ever was watching “The Ring” while some children music was playing. Fellow readers, that was the best comedy I ever saw.

The same thing is with Star Wars. Music is epic.Those soundtracks are the most listened on my playlist. I just can’t imagine that “universe” without that epic music. But there is something else…

How often would you hear that humming of the lightsaber before someone in the movie turned it on? Blaster shots? Everything? Yes, those sounds are the core of the Star Wars franchise. Would R2-D2 be so cute if he couldn’t make those cute whistling sounds? Of course not. What Star Wars fan doesn’t know that sound of the TIE fighter?


TIE fighter



Wait, something is not right… TIE fighter makes sounds? That we hear? No, that is not possible. Every person on this planet knows that, but just didn’t realize it until I just said it. Thanks to Ben Burtt, we took those things for granted.

You see, there is no sound in space. At least that is what scientists say. I often heard them saying: “Sound is a wave. It needs something that would allow the wave to travel. Something like air, or water. Anything. In space, there is nothing, when we don’t count stars and other planets, asteroids etc. That is why we can’t hear Sun.”


Universe is just big, cold space



So, there I was, laying on my bed, listening to that awesome music, thinking how my most favorite movies were ruined just because I was thinking about sounds. Each one of those sounds in space shouldn’t be there. If they are, that is insane. The Law of the Universe is broken. If they aren’t there, the movies suck.

And that is how people ruin things. Just by thinking. I always need to know how things work. Even George Lucas wanted that people explain him how those machines work. He came to them and said something like: “I want you to make me a space ship for my movie. Also, I want you to tell me how it’s going to move like, how many laser cannons work, how will people go from one to another in space, how it lands, what fuel does it use, etc.” If I were Lucas, I would demand that too.


The less you know, the better, Lucas



But, the sounds… Those sound effects were everything. And now, for me, half of them are gone. From this post onwards, Star Wars will never be the same. You lied to us, Lucas.

Just if you think I’m overreacting, here is the Top 10 list of Star Wars sound effects. Now, eliminate all sounds in space and see how many are left.

Anyway, I can go on and on about this one, but I am going to stop here. No need to ruin this, and every other Sci-Fi movie. Except for Firefly (Serenity) where there is no sound in space. Actually, there is little space.


5 thoughts on “How I ruined Star Wars forever

  1. I noticed that with the sounds, years ago. In particular I was off school sick and watching videos and came across a scary bit. I can’t remember why now, but I played that bit again without sound and it wasn’t scary at all. You’re right, it can spoil the movie magic 🙂 But I really like knowing why and how these things work 🙂 Movies I mean, not the spaceships.

    A lot of sounds are sound effects, not really real. I saw something the other day with a horse cantering along a road, but the sound effect was of a trotting horse – most disconcerting!

    • I love videos about sound effects. In these, people showed how every effect is made of some natural and simple stuff. E.g. if you want the sound of a walking horse, you just need a microphone, two wooden cups and something flat. You take cups, and hit with them on that wooden, or plastic piece you got. 🙂 That’s how they make it in movies.

  2. Oh, I LOVE movie soundtracks.. I remember I listened to the Titanic soundtrack for ages… not the “My Heart Will Go On” song but it’s the instrumental score that takes you back to all those memorable scenes of all your beloved movies 🙂

    • Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Titanic, Harry Potter, Crimson Tide, Tron Legacy, Beetlejuice. These are all movies with excellent soundtracks. I can listen to them for ages. 🙂
      Movie soundtracks are my favorites choice. The only music that is better is classical. At least for me. 😀

  3. I remember having this conversation with a friend of mine about Star Wars and sounds in space. I had also just seen Thank You For Smoking, and stole the defense they had for the space cigarettes.

    “Thank God we invented the… whatever… device”.
    I like to think the whatever device allowed sound to travel through all space.

    Problem solved 🙂

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