Mystery trace

One hour ago, I was taking the walk. I really like to walk on this lovely weather: it’s Spring and everyone is happy. Anyway I take that time to clear my mind and sometimes to think about what to do.

And then, as I walk back to the apartment, I saw something interesting – an apple on the sidewalk. At that point it wasn’t that much interesting. Some poor kid lost it, or someone else. That happens.

It seems that apples really fall far from the tree

And so I continued my walk thinking about that poor kid who is now probably smiling because he lost that goddamned fruit. If it were a candy bar instead…

This would've happen

Good thing is, I am not here to judge human behavior.

You know that, if it was only an freaking apple, there wouldn’t be this story. And it wasn’t. Couple of meters after there was a jar of pickles, smashed and the pickles were all over the sidewalk. What the Hell? This is not a coincidence, right?

Pickles. When my boyfriend sees me eating them, he will panic.

Okay, so maybe that was a coincidence. A kid wouldn’t carry pickles with him. Then I started suspecting something, because I found the cover of the jar laying neatly placed on the building. Wow, what are the chances for that?

And that was not the end! After two steps I found a orange on the ground too!

I hate oranges, so I'm gonna put some strawberries to look at. Enjoy!

So, these 3 items made me think: What happened here? Was today someones unlucky day? Was it a fight? Was the bag cheap? And I came up with four scenarios.

1. All of these are coincidences. Some kid lost the orange, another person lost the apple, and the pickles drooped someone. Accidentally. From the building.

2. Someone tried to kill a pedestrian. The apple and orange were something like a target practice and the jar was the real weapon. Obviously, the assassination backfired. Oh my God, maybe someone tried to kill me, hours before I came by!

3. Robbery. An old lady, carrying a heavy bag asked some punk to help her, and instead he tried to rob her. She didn’t want to give him her bag, because, well, pickles were in there (they keep their money in pockets) and the bag just tore apart.

4. Most likely scenario: Someone was carrying a lot of stuff in an old and weak bag and, being heavy and stuff, a hole appeared on the bag. When apple fell, no one noticed that, but than the hole grew bigger and the pickles fell and jar broke. Of course, that person was angry, so he picked the cover, and realized he can’t pick up the mess, so he just placed the cover nicely on the building. During that event, also, the orange fell from the bag and rolled way, but, the person is so angry, that he doesn’t even notice that.

Anyway, what do you think? Was it the first? Or was it a lame assassination? Maybe, it was only Friday the 13th for someone on this planet? Or is the PiDay (3.14.2011) an very unlucky day if you aren’t a scientist? Hey, maybe it was a robbery in the middle of the day, on a place crawling with people?

If you think of another scenario, write it on your blog, or in comments. You can also post it on Twitter. I would be glad to hear your explanation.


3 thoughts on “Mystery trace

  1. It could have been aliens. Or maybe they fell out of a wormhole. I got a ten cent Euro coin out of a random wormhole. It just appeared, there was nowhere it could have come from, so that can happen!

    Or maybe they temporarily came to life and were flying away when it wore off and they fell, but the pickle jar broke. Its lid, with a last trace of life, tried to fly on, but collapsed on the wall.

  2. LOL yeah, #2 and 3 are pretty unlikely… I guess not impossible, but unlikely… you’re right, the bag probably just broke. What an odd sight to see though.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that over-analyzes ever day occurrences. I dig your writing style a lot 🙂 I like to write funny (or what my immature mind finds funny) posts, and it’s always fun to read other people’s takes on humorous things like this. I’ll be subscribing 🙂

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