Are you left handed? I know I am.

When I was about 2 years old, my father noticed that I prefer to take things using my left hand. Of course, for my parents, that wasn’t a big deal. There was a time, long ago, when being a left hander (I don’t know if that is how we are called) was something like a curse. Parents would beat their kids in order dor them to learn how to write with their right hands. Others would take them to psychiatries to attempt to solve this “disease” that their kid had. Horrible right? Well, that was a long time ago… Although there are still isolated cases I hard about.

What are you saying? There is no cure?

Well, that’s because we live in a society where being left handed is a rare thing. Only 11% of worlds population is left handed. So we can say that we live in the “right handed society” now. That has it’s pron and cons. There are things we fight on regular basis and sometimes it’s okay, but other times it’s so damn frustrating!

Maybe you didn’t notice it, but all the doors in the world are made for our right handed fellows. Try it. When you have to open the door with you left hand, it, suddenly gets a little harder.

Computer mouse is on the right side of our computers. Sure, you can adjust it for left handers, but I know that I don’t.

The notebooks! It is so difficult when you have to write on the right page in the beginning so I usually place something bellow the left side of it so I could write. Sometimes, I even miss those pages because I don’t want to bother with it.

I have a problem with opening a bottle, mostly because I have to open it with my right hand which is to weak for that. So I stay thirsty sometimes ((but that is my problem).

We could use one of these in my neighborhood. Seriously.

But, whatever the problems are, we adjusted to them. We aren’t even complaining because we are used to that. It’s a part of our everyday living. We must please to the majority of people, we can’t ask them to adjust to us – that would be too much work.

The good thing is that, being a left handed is not the only way we are special. There are thing that we are better at than others.

– We make a good company: left handers have better imagination, they are good when it comes to arts, music and emotional expressions. But, we lack logic and math skills. Shame…

– We don’t have problems writing Hebrew (they write from right to left, contrary to right hand).

– Left handed people don’t think linear. They often see bigger picture. Also, they are better at multitasking. Like women. And now imagine how I, a left handed woman, do multitasking. Yup, I am good at that.

– If you are left handed, there are better chances that you’ll write a book. It has to do with that “imagination” thing.

– August 13th. The International Left=Hander’s Day.

A brain… What? You knew I had to place this picture!

And now it’s time for a list of  left handers. I will name only some, but, if you want to know more about it, go here.

Napoléon Bonaparte

Fidel Castro

Lewis Caroll

Kurt Cobain

Jimy Handrix

And my favorites: Sergei Rachmaninoff and Maurice Ravel.

It’s funny that I started writing this post because I couldn’t open a bottle of water. Due to dehydration, I remembered one conversation with my boyfriend about being left handed. He’s ambidextrous.

If you want to know more amazing facts about left handed people, go here, and of course, fell free to tell me your view of left handed difficulties and advantages.


3 thoughts on “Are you left handed? I know I am.

  1. I know how difficult it is to work mainly with your left hand. I came to know this acutely when my dad suffered right hemiplegia. He was a facile writer and was depressed that he became unable to use his right hand. But he was unwilling even to try to learn to write with his left hand. I wished to demonstrate to him by myself learning to write so. It took me ages to learn, but thankfully. it served the intended purpose.

    • Yes it’s hard. I can’t even hold things properly with my right arm.

      I forgot to mention that there is also that kind of people who become left handers when their right hand is disabled (for short time or long time, really doesn’t matter). If their right hand later becomes healthy again, some of them still continue using their left hand for writing, but not necessarily for other things. It is quite amazing how people adapt to such situations.

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