How lazy are we?

Couple of days ago I was at my friend’s house. I haven’t seen her for a while so I payed her a visit. At the end it proved to be a good idea because she made think of something.

You see, she has a TV in her living room and dinning room. Why? I mean, is it so difficult sometimes to walk from living room to dinning room so people have TV in both places so they can move as little as possible? Look, I’m not thinking only of TV, it’s about everything. How many times I saw crowd fighting for place on escalators. Some people use elevators just to the first floor and I know they are healthy.

Do you know what was the last drop? When I realized we have a button for 2x click on computer mouse. What, we’re now too lazy to even push one button two times once in a while?

We became a lazy civilization. We rely too much on couple of working people. And by working, I mean people who have very little technology. Why are people going to gyms so they can run? Why can’t they run outside?  Technology is doing our work instead of helping us.

Do you want some other example? Let’s see… Oh yes, there is the big question of vehicles. When I was in visit to my boyfriend, we often went to the store using city transport. Only for one bus stop, so we can pass the bridge across the river. Yes, we were lazy. It was only couple of minutes walking. The point is that we are not the only ones. People often do that even when there is no need to.

Why are we so lazy? Is that the real nature of people, or did we become like this when the age of technology came? Can we blame someone else or not?

3 thoughts on “How lazy are we?

  1. It’s the technology that made us lazy, it accustomed us to getting things done easier and faster so now we always want things that way. However we can’t solely blame technology for this, technology is actually good for us, it’s just our attitude towards it that makes it bad; we rely so much in it.

  2. Hah! I’ve never seen a button to double-click the mouse button for you before!

    I admit, in a small condo suite that I live in, we’ve got a TV in each room.. not necessarily for the laziness but so my boyfriend and I can watch separate programs at the same time..

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