A problem with technology

Dear readers,

After a very interesting discussion I had with my friends today during our coffee break (time when we just stop hanging on internet or doing whatever we do and just drink coffee and talk), we found a problem. Since we couldn’t find the solution by ourselves, I decided to share it with you, in order to help me.

What is the best piece of technology for me?

Here is what we discussed:

I am a blogger and I like writing. I use internet for reading and browsing, sometimes for fun. YouTube, WordPress, Twitter and StumbleUpon are just couple of things I use. At this point anything is okay for me to use.

Point: I want to be able to blog from anywhere I imagine, e.g. to sit on a bench and turn on the device and blog. Also I’d want to take notes on that device quickly, even when someone else is talking. That it is so small, that I can almost carry it in my pocket.

What I have right now: It’s Asus EEE PC netbook. It is my best friend right now and I wouldn’t change it for anything on this world (talking still abut technology), but it is still pain in the ass when I have to carry it. It is small, has wireless device and a long lasting battery (about 5 hours).


Asus eee



What would be cool to have: So, is there any other device that acts like a computer, but is smaller and easier to carry along? My friends suggested iPhone, Blackberry or something like that, but I just don’t want another phone. I have nothing against them, it’s just that I use phones for one thing and computers for another.


I really don’t know if you can understand where I am going with this. The best solution we thought of was NetCat and it is still not the best one.


So, please, if you have some free time, help me with this problem. Whatever you suggest, write pros and cons. ANYTHING will be pretty much helpful.

Thank you.

Jelena (mawajowe)

4 thoughts on “A problem with technology

  1. i recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab.
    its the best choice ever and comes in many sizes, y can do wht ever y want with it, its flexible, has small size, support gmail, wordpress and tons of services and it has specified application for each >>

    so its really yr best choice

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