My 10 ways to pass the time

So, I’ve been in a visit to my boyfriend in Belgrade for couple of days and we finally decided to play some co-op game.  After searching, we found the perfect one – LEGO Indiana Jones. The problem was, after calculating the time of downloading, we realized it’ll took 12 hours.

Lego Indiana Jones

1) At that moment we thought it’s okay, because we were preparing for sleep, but, during the night, while we were asleep, the damned computer restarted himself (because of some updates). And, when we got up, we found we had to wait 7 more hours for downloading the game.

2) After cursing and swearing, we tried to calm down and, while my boyfriend went to the shower, I made us some coffee. We drank it and started planning our next move.

3) The next move was simple: rearranging the furniture in his flat. It took us about an hour to do it. Well, all I did was cleaning the tables and watching my boyfriend and his roommate moving the furniture from one side of the room to another.

4) When they finished, we were kind of tired, so we played a couple of games on internet, like Epic coaster and others. That was funny and refreshing. I love breaks like that.

5) Since the game hasn’t been downloaded still, we were now bored to death. Playing games on internet is fun, but not for long. So we went to the kitchen to clean the mess up. In this flat lives my boyfriend, his sister, roommate and roommate’s sister and the flat has only 3 rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. Because of so many people living here, the kitchen was constantly a mess. Now, the whole flat was clean and pleasant again. Yay!

6) Now it’s time for a second coffee break. We made coffee and decided not to touch the internet so it would download quicker. We sat in silence, thinking how the coffee was so delicious after hard work.

7) Ah, the boredom… Now we really didn’t know what to do. I started reading a book, and then I remembered that I didn’t post today on blog. So i decided to share with you 7 ways to pass the time while the game is downloaded.

The point of this post was: whenever you find yourself bored to death, look around and you will always find something to do. This is how I fight the boredom, you can always experiment. Except the lazy people. You don’t have to do anything, just exist.


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