A zombie fly

About two days ago, in the evening, my boyfriend was napping and I was reading a book.  Soon I grew tired of reading and went to the bathroom to refresh myself. When I was done showering, I noticed a big and ugly fly wandering through he bathroom. I just let her out through the window.


It looked like this



Anyway, I thought that was the end. Until my boyfriends roommate came in and we noticed the fly again. It was the same one I let out! Anyway, We knew we can’t sleep until the fly is either kicked outside or dead. So we started hunting it, until, finally, the roommate didn’t hit it with the newspaper.


You can't kill a fly with internet. Use the newspaper instead.


We were looking now at the body of a dead fly, and thinking what to do with it. Finally, the guy just kicked her out of the room and went to finish it. And then, suddenly, the fly got up and flew away. What a perfect camouflage.

Anyway, we stopped thinking about it, but we all mentioned once in a while the resurrection of the fly. We were joking and thought it was over.

But, yesterday, the fly came back. Now it was me and my boyfriend who were chasing it through the room and trying to kill it. He hit it couple of times very hard, but it just kept rising from the dead. It was one creepy fly.

And last night, we were sick of it. So we just took the towel and started hunting it again, and once it fell, my boyfriend stomped on it. She was officially dead…

Or was it?

One thought on “A zombie fly

  1. LOL it’s amazing how resilient flies and other insects can be! You gotta kill ’em so many times before they’re REALLLLLY dead. Though, are you sure it was the same fly? Maybe there’s a bunch of them in the home somewhere (okay, that might be worse than one zombie fly………. lol)

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