What to do when you have to much inspiration?

After a series of cold days we greeted beautiful weather and people got out of their homes. Finally! I thought it’ll never be so warm. What is interesting, is that when it’s warm, people have inspiration waves. Like me.

Whole day I was wandering through the city and enjoying the sun. Like all the others. And whatever I saw, it gave me one more topic to write about. Beautiful weather, love, family, money, nature, shopping… I thought it will stop when I got home, but, don’t forget that I have Twitter.

I gave up long time ago seeking inspiration on Facebook. But, each tweet I see, gave me one more topic to write about. Here is the list of couple of ones:

1. Should we embrace the newest TweetDeck option to write tweets longer than 140 characters?

2. When you no longer care who is reading your post, should you stop blogging?

3. Are people who blog our future writers?

4. Should we thank everyone who retweets our post?

5. Is the discussion about abortion a strict taboo in our society?

6. What about religious point of view about abortion?

7. Should people discuss politics on internet?

8. What is the best way to retrieve informations?

9. If pigs could fly, would they have wings like birds or bats?

10. Which one browser is better? Google Chrome or Firefox? Why?

11. Pros and cons of Twitter and Facebook? Should we even compare these two? What about MySpace?

So, you see, this list just gets bigger and bigger how time passes. I could write about each one for days, but instead, I wanted to share them with you. If you want, you can take one and write about it. I love to share with people and today I’m sharing my inspiration with you, fellow readers.

So, have fun, think about this and, remember, whenever you fear of lack of inspiration, ask me for help. I’ll do my best to help you.

One thought on “What to do when you have to much inspiration?

  1. The sunshine brings out newness and fresh ideas! 🙂 Maybe something to do with Vitamin D!

    Great topic ideas for discussion! There’s also another Twitter thing called “Twitlonger” or something.. I guess it comes in handy sometimes, but defeats the purpose of 140 characters!

    I love Firefox, but my new computer came with Chrome and I LOVE Google Chrome.. Don’t really know why in particular but I like it! 🙂

    Abortion, politics and religion – whether in person or on the internet – seems to be one of those topics that you bring up “at your own risk” .. lol..

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