One ordinary day

I sit in my room. Sun has already set behind the mountains that I see through my window, but I pay no attention to that. I must be focused on something that requires great concentration. I’ve been sitting here for, hours, although it seems like only couple of minutes passed. And I think, and concentrate, but it isn’t working. I have no clue what I’m doing. There is only one chance to do this and I want to use it.

After some time, I get up from my chair and turn on the lights. When did it get so dark? My legs hurt, and I can’t sit anymore. I have to stretch them. But even while I’m walking across the room, I still think about my task. It’s only one move between winning or loosing and I just have to win. My soul craves for it.  I hear music. It obviously comes from somewhere, but I feel no desire to know the source.

It’s relaxing, almost, making me sleepy. Hmm, I think you can hardly notice it, but, it is somehow there, and if you turn it off, it’s not the same. I must do this.

Okay, there is one shot, and it must be above or bellow these ones. Okay, I need to be brave now. Let’s try the one above…

Ugh, God damn it! Itg’s game over! Now I need to start everything from beginning.


Yes, I’ve been playing a game for whole day and I have to tell that it’s an highly addictive game and very interesting. It’s called Armor Logic 2. I found it today, by accident, and since then, I haven’t moved from my chair.

Rules of the game are simple and explained in couple of easy steps. On the board find the squares that exist and try not to lose lives. You have 5 lives, and every time you miss one square, you lose one life.

Check it out, and tell me what do you think. Oh, and, just so you know, when you spend couple of hours with this game, you’ll also write like me from above. Have fun!


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