I want teleportation to be possible!

I have to admit that people from Daily Post think exactly like me. Almost every topic they mentioned so far are the ones I thought about long time ago. It’s refreshing to see that there are other people who think like me. Interesting topics, worth writing long posts…

Okay, let’s get back to the topic.. Teleportation…

That would be the best transportation ever! Just imagine it! No more waiting for the bus, plane, car. No more getting late due to bad weather, snow, rain… It would be the best thing ever happened. And I think that there are people that would agree with me.

But we would need teleport boxes. Something like those for phones.. You just go inside one, and seconds after that, you are in another one… Cool!!! That would save us many troubles… But there are also too many questions…

1) What if someone wants to go from New York to Paris and gets into the box, but on the other side someone else wants to go to New York and gets into the box the other one is supposed to get out?

A: Well, we must have two kind of boxes. There must be a box where you would get in, and another where you would get out and they must not have both purposes.

2) How many boxes?

A: Well, that would depend on how big the city is. I mean, there can be one “getting out” and one “going in” box for each district in big cities. Why not? And some minor cities can have two or three of each kind.

3) What about teleportation from country to country? Wouldn’t we need passports?

A: I don’t know why we wouldn’t need? To start the machine you could i.e. insert your ID card (travel in country) or passport (travel abroad). That would be the way to start the machine. And you would need the papers and stuff. I mean, that would be a fine way to let the government know who is in country and who isn’t.

4) What if someone steals documents from a person? Could they travel?

A: No. The machine could have a fingerprint check or DNA check. Or something else.

5) What about the flight companies or traveling with bus?

A: I don’t see why we would shut down those things. We can have teleportation be payed (expensive) and let people decide.

6) What about criminals?

A: If a international criminal would try to run from the country, the government could shut down the machines for everyone, or only for him. That doesn’t sound like a big problem.

7) And where would I go?

A: I would go and see my boyfriend every two week or so, without 3 hours of traveling on bus and no carrying the baggage. Yay!

Of course we must first invent teleportation.

If you want to ask some questions, feel free. I thought about very much.


One thought on “I want teleportation to be possible!

  1. It’s like some kinda physics, I’m sure… 🙂 That one person thinking someone, that same idea could be floating out there in other people’s heads… I love that kind of stuff 🙂

    Hehe I like your “box” idea.. haha.. just get into a box, and come out somewhere else!
    Who knows.. hundreds of years ago, people probably thought chatting with others across the world over a tiny wireless phone was “science fiction” and look where we’re at now! Teleportation may just be on its way.. 😀

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