Do I want to be a super hero?

A stereotypical caricature of a villain.

A villain! Fear him!

This is something everyone daydreams about. Why not? We’ve all read many comics about our favorite super hero and wished to capture villains side by side with them.

Even I was one of those people. I always admired Marvel heroes. They were so unusual and not always acting like a hero should. Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-men… Oh how I wished to be a mutant like Rogue or Storm and change the weather if I didn’t like it. Or to be like Mistique, who could change her appearance into any person she wanted…

But, then, I started realizing some things about villains. The only one villain who looked a little smarter was Magneto from X-men. I know that is because we have to see our heroes win, but, that is not right. Even enemies deserve respect, if not love or compassion (that is not an option). And these thoughts I had, became much stronger when I got this video game Evil Genius.

It was a fine game that places you in the role of a super villain that threatens to conquer the world. I enjoyed it so much and I even wrote a post about it called “I wish I was“. After that I started dreaming of being a smart super villain that no one could outsmart.

So, while others played the role of the hero, I tried to conquer the world. That was very strange, because kids often fought to save people, but I gladly took the role of the bad girl.

Not to mention that, as a big Star Wars fan, I have a favorite villain – Darth Vader. He is the best one I ever saw. Smart, powerful, strong, with rough past, with that helmet, he always looked so fearsome. Others were afraid of him. My brother often teased me that, if this guy existed, I would marry him (Ha. Ha. Very funny).

And people have admit that he would be an admirable opponent.

Oh, what about you, guys? Would you be a villain or a hero? Don’t forget that some people are considered villain just because they make some rough choices for the greater good.

What would it be? Hero…

Or a villain?


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