A job from my dreams

Before i start this post, I’d like to say couple of things:

1) My friend from Egypt, ahmadkhalifa, hasn’t post for 5 days. He is cut off from the internet all this time. I hope he is all well and good and that we will soon talk.

2) I got internet.

Now back to the topic.

Is there a job of my dreams? People often say that if you like your job, you do it better and feel better about it, but let’s face it – there is no easy money. People expect from you that you live up to the obligations that make you earn money. But, what if there is a job, that sounds easy, and not boring? Would everyone want that job? Probably not, and you know why? Because people are different. What you think is boring, someone else thinks it’s highly exciting. That is why we have doctors, lawyers, conductors, teachers…

Once, my friends and me thought of a perfect job and we thought of one. What if you could work in one furniture store like security at night and sleeping in showcase on the bed becoming a perfect ad for them “Look how well you can sleep on our bed?” That way, you would be paid twice as much and have two jobs, but one would be more easier, right?

I always daydreamed about my job. What will I do after my studies? I will not deny I wanted to be in some orchestra playing violin and going from city to city, country to country, but, when I think about it, it can be pretty hard. I like to travel, but I hate business travel.

So, now I am thinking about some job in one city, one place. Nothing too much, just to have money for everything I need, and I don’t need much: place to sleep, something to eat, clothes and coffee. What did you expect? You think that every girl wants to live in wealth?

Anyway, I am really worried about finding a job. In this country, it doesn’t matter if you have good or bad grades. There is a big number of unemployed people in my country and finding any job is Goddamn difficult.

And let me tell you about my first job. Once I wanted to work in a cafe. And I did, for a month. That is a very boring job. People didn’t drop by and I would spend whole morning alone (I was always working first shift). But couple of times my boss ordered me to carry heavy things when I didn’t feel well and I spent 3 days after that in bed. Horrible! Very mean boos, if you ask me. But, I quited because it was boring and my boss wasn’t satisfied that I didn’t bring much money. That was the worst job I ever thought about. And the only one. But everyone agrees with me. It is all good when you sit in front and work the easy part, but no one knows what you have to do behind the scenes. I think that exists in every job.

One thing is what I am rather curious about: How is it in other countries? Is it hard there, too? What about other boring jobs? Which one is the most boring and difficult at the same time?


4 thoughts on “A job from my dreams

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  2. How crazy with what’s going on in Egypt right now…

    I’m sure it’s similar in many countries… you’ll have your hard jobs and boring jobs and easy jobs.. The worst job I had was doing retail… being a sales associate in a shop. That was my first job when I was 16 and I HATED it. I’m a very social person, but I hated having to “sell” stuff to people.

    It does make a big difference if you enjoy your job. If you enjoy it, you’ll have a better positive attitude towards it. But like all things, sometimes after you do things for a long time, you’ll end up hating it! lol

    • I think that we should find something to do while we’re still going to college. That way, when we are on our own, we know more about it and we have more experience in finding the job that suits are most.

      P.S: I see things much more clearly when I put them on my blog and someone comments. 🙂

  3. Every job that have a lot of repetitions have tendency to became boring. So, whatever you do, improvise and do things other way around. It can be fun.

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