Is the glass half empty or half full?

Often people ask themselves are they pessimists or optimists. And they always ask this question about glass: Is the glass half empty or half full?

That is a stupid question. It depends on the circumstances, you know? Look at it this way: Two days ago I was really happy and I was drinking water. But my happiness and eternal optimism didn’t stop me to complain that my glass is half empty whenever my brother gives me water.

Okay, so I am an eternal optimist. Even when everything seems to be going down, I was smiling and telling everyone “there is a place where it is much, much worse than this.” It was so annoying, I know that.

Not to mention that I am always laughing. When I failed my exam, I laughed the same as when I passed the exam. But I told you that.

Anyway, let’s get back to our glass. It doesn’t matter if it’s half empty or full, that doesn’t determine if you are optimist or pessimist. Not to mention that I hate that “test” people always make me do each time they see me.

Well, there is an interesting thing. There are also eternal pessimists. They are a total opposite to us, optimists, and whenever we laugh, they frown, cry, complain etc. Those people always complain instead of thinking about solutions to make there lives better. If you are not happy, but you want to be, change your life! I will not feel sorry for you, because that’s what you want. You, my dear pessimists, want that others pity you and feel just like you, but that ain’t gonna happen!

We, optimists, know how life works. When life gives you lemons, just ask for sugar and make a lemonade! You cannot make me feel sorry for you and I won’t. You just don’t want to do something about your problems. Oh, and why would you? You have us, who would always listen to you. I know that whenever I give some pessimist a possible solution for his problem, he starts his sentence with “But.”

You don’t change because you don’t want to change.

And there are always people whose life is bad. They had some difficult times and they look like pessimists, but they just aren’t happy. It is not their fault. Sometimes, bad things just happen. I want to help them, but I can’t. So sad…

In the end, we all have problems.Without them, life isn’t interesting. It is about how we handle the problem that determines if we are optimists or pessimists, right?



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