My arrival 30/365

Today I returned to Nis (Serbia) to continue studying for exam in June. It was very difficult, as the bus driver was a maniac who didn’t miss even one hole on the road.Not to mention that I was carrying as twice as many baggage than when I was going home.

After arriving I was left in front of the Nis fortress. Not good. I am very small and I can’t carry anything that is heavy and my baggage consisted of my violin in wooden coffin (very heavy for it’s dimensions), a bag with my laptop and other electronics, a traveling bag with my clothes (fortunately it had wheels because I couldn’t even pick it up)  and a box with my new remote washing machine.

I new from the beginning that I couldn’t carry all this by myself. That was a fact. But, instead of getting out at bus station to pick a cab, I got out in front of the stupid fortress. My cellphone didn’t work due to low battery so calling a cab wasn’t an option. In that moment my life was screwed.

I was stuck there with no intention of moving in sight. I started panicking and didn’t know what to do, when I heard a male voice behind me:

“May I help you, Miss?”

I turned around and saw a young policeman standing there with cigarette in one hand. It seemed that he too got out on this place and he saw that I was in trouble. At first I was suspicious, but he took my box and asked where I was heading. I told him (very surprised!) that I was going to the downtown (that’s where I live) and he offered to carry the box to the bank which is in my building.

That’s when my curiosity kicked in. I just had to ask why is he doing that, because no one in this damned country ever does that without asking him (pretty please, with sugar on top). Not to mention that I thought he was hitting on me.  But he just smiled and said:

“I am a policeman. I am here to help citizens when they need me.”

It sounded like he was a Goddamn super hero! Anyway, that was a valid response (am I right?) and he did carry my box to the bank. There he thanked me for letting him help in the first place. I was very, very surprised. Believe me, you don’t see that every day here.

Wasn’t that awesome?

P.S:  I don’t have the internet due to not paying my bills (I wasn’t even here to take them), so I don’t know if I will post something tomorrow. Sorry guys, until I see this through, no posting. Be good, stay in warm on this cold weather and read my blog. Cheers!


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