New look (again!) 29/365

Okay, I was bored and I had to do something. So i decided to make some change on my blog. Somehow I think that the previous theme was better, but I just needed to refresh my blog. How can you keep one look all the time? Doesn’t it bother you? Even a change for worse is a change, and we have to do them in life.

So, the new theme is Dig33 and I rather like it. What do you think? Is it okay? Should I change it? Tell me!!!


Harry Potter

Harry Potter















Another thing I have to tell you is: I started reading Harry Potter again. All the sequels. My father thinks it’s awesome, but my brother laughs at me. Not to mention that didn’t stop him to borrow all the books from me. i needed one day to read the first part and for the second I will need one too. Irony is, this is my second time I read them, but I forgot all the characters and I can’t read the last part if I don’t know them.

It’s not bad, I like Harry Potter.


3 thoughts on “New look (again!) 29/365

  1. I like the new look! 🙂

    LOVE Harry Potter! I’ve reread them many times and I’m actually working through them again before the last movie comes out 🙂

    • Am I the only one that has the feeling old look was better? Everyone tells me that they like this one more. 😀

      And as for Harry Potter, I like books, but I hate movies. They left out so many scenes (I know it’s because of the length of the movie) and that’s a shame, because there were good ones in the books.

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