Would I want to live forever?

This is funny. I was thinking about it these days. It has something to do with the conversation I had with my friend.

We had a deal years ago. The thing is, we always admired vampires. They are noble, fearsome, smart, intelligent, beautiful, and most important, they live forever. So here is the deal: If one of us becomes a vampire, he has the obligation to make another one a vampire. He MUST! That is imperative.

We have it all planned. We would have leave our parents and people that love us in exchange for knowledge and eternal life. We would find some castle that is abandoned and live there. Not to mention that I would spend early years learning arts, languages, and making money.

That is what eternal life is, right? It’s all about ever learning and never be satisfied until you reach perfection (which yo can’t because, let’s face it, no one has). No one loves you, because, everyone you know, will grow old and die eventually. Is that right?

But, since that book, “Twilight” everything changed. I think that, if I were a vampire and read that book, I would seek Stephanie Meyer and kill her in the most gruesome death. She deserves it! For, God’s sake, vampires don’t sparkle! And they drink human’s blood and animal blood isn’t compensation for human!

Vampire is actually a Serbian word. We know the best how it looks like. I read the description at the library and it doesn’t look anything like the one you know.

Let’s get back to our question. Would I live forever? Probably not. Why? Because, no one else I love or respect doesn’t. The most powerful men and women in our history didn’t live forever and they left a mark.

6 thoughts on “Would I want to live forever?

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  2. Hah, it’s true.. I did read the Twilight series and enjoyed it as a piece of silly “fluff” to read, but it was so ridiculous in so many aspects. With the craze of vampires in pop culture lately, there’s definitely some that make the genre more interesting than disbelieving…

    I’m like you.. I wouldn’t want to live forever because nobody else would live forever with me.

    • I have a friend that has irrational fear of death – Thanatophobia. I couldn’t talk with him about eternal life or death because he would start having a panic attack. He’s most desired wish is to live forever. Believe me, that is rough.

  3. I think in this world, as it is right now, living forever would be pretty miserable (I’m thinking of “Tuck Everlasting” here). Yeah, and I read Twilight because I thought the idea of it sounded intriguing, but it wasn’t done as well as it could’ve been. Bella is too devoted. And the last book wraps up everything far too perfectly.

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