Stranded on a desert island? No problem!

What if…?


If I were stranded on a desert island, I would be bored to death. Okay, kidding aside there is always a question about that famous island: what three things would you bring with you? Well, there is the ideal list of things:

1) A stick with a string

2) gold medal to attach to the string

3) Michael Phelps

…But we are talking about my list here, aren’t we? Well, first things first, I would bring a player, because I can’t live without music. I need electricity, but I don’t know how would I have that.

Okay, so music must be classical. it is the only kind of music that never gets old for me. It is the music I grew up with – Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi. I remember that I was really difficult as a child, but my parents used to let me watch Beethoven’s 9 symphony. Four Seasons from Vivaldi are the reason I wanted to play violin.

Second thing I would bring with me would be internet. Yes, I think that doesn’t need a explanation.

And of course, the third thing I would like to have would be a computer. Why would I need internet if I don’t have a computer?

Well, there are also other things, but it always comes down to these things. I would like also to have books, or something that would make a fine hobby. But most of all, I want to never, ever get stranded to a desert island.

I think you wouldn’t want that, too.



2 thoughts on “Stranded on a desert island? No problem!

  1. Classical music is a fantastic idea 🙂

    Good choices, but all of them need electricity! lol.. I’d definitely have internet as one of mine too if it wasn’t for the lack of electricity.. 🙂 I don’t know what I’d really pick though… Maybe some books (but not really sure which ones), and a blanket to keep warm or lie on!

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