In the dark are all cats black

Once, scientists have put ten monkeys in a room with ladders and bananas on the top of the ladder. As soon as they got into the room they marched to the bananas. But scientists had other intentions. They threw cold water on monkeys each time they touch that banana. So, after couple of tries, monkeys intensely watched bananas and beat everyone who came near it.

And then, scientists replaced one monkey with the new one who, as soon as he came, reached for banana. The others beat the crap out of them. After that scientists replaced another monkey with some other and he also reached for the banana. Again monkeys beat the newcomer, even the monkey who tried to reach banana before the newcomer.

Monkey after monkey, the scientists replaced whole group and in the end they had a bunch of monkeys in a room with bananas, but no monkey was touching the fruit, and if some tried, others would beat it.

And that is how I feel today. Let me explain you.

There was a thing on Twitter that I didn’t understand. But, even as I know that it isn’t shame to ask something, I decided not to do it in public (on Twitter), but on chat. So I asked some of my Twitter friends on chat and they answered with “I don’t know”. What? Does someone know that, or you are acting like monkeys in the room and just doing it because someone else does it? And here I thought people are different there.

I can’t deny I know smarter people on Twitter (in comparison to Facebook), but sometimes, we all have a bad day. I think. Anyway, the question isn’t that important. This post is about us acting like monkeys. What a wasting of time…


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